What did Dalia Durán say on the Great Show about John Kelvin’s release from prison? [VIDEO]

After the release from prison of the cumbiambero John Kelvin, after it was dismissed the rape accusation of which he was accused by his ex-partner and mother of his children, Dalia Durán, she did not hesitate to attend “The big show” to say publicly that he will do everything possible to see justice done. What did she confess? We tell you, here.

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Everything Dalia Durán said after John Kelvin’s release from prison

1.- It is no longer the same Dalia as before

Stronger than ever, Dahlia Duran He assured that there were two Dalia and the one from before no longer exists: “The Dalia that I am today, who for a year and three months has had to be a father and mother, is not the same one that you left violated and destroyed,” he mentioned. in “The big show”.

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2.- He is no longer afraid of him

Strong and clear. The Cuban Dahlia Duran He went directly to mention that he was speaking to John Kelvin telling her that she is no longer the same woman who was destroyed by her mistreatment and she is no longer afraid of him.

3.- John Kelvin has not changed, according to Dalia

“You can fool whoever you want, your family, your lawyer, but you are not going to fool me,” he said, implying that John Kelvin She has not changed and when asked about it, she reconfirmed it: “I can say with total clarity that this person has not changed,” she clearly stated.

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4.- John Kelvin has not looked for his children?

Dahlia Duran He confessed that, despite repeatedly saying that he missed his children, until now he has not visited them or communicated with them: “It is the most surprising and coldest thing, but I already knew it would be like that,” he said.

5.- “It was the most terrifying moment”

The model Dahlia Duran He remembered the hard moments he lived next to John Kelvin when he attacked her and said that he would not wish it on anyone: “A thousand times he asked me for forgiveness, he bought me creams, he applied it to my face as if that would heal the wounds that I had inside, plus what they now say was not So when I know what I experienced, I wouldn’t have to lie,” he said.

6.- Dalia asked the violent women to continue fighting

Dahlia Duran confirmed that she would continue to fight for justice and for the rights of her children and advised women to do the same regardless of the fact that their situation is not the best now: “Don’t be afraid, keep fighting, continue in your daily fight to fight for your rights, because no one makes fun of you, because no one humiliates you,” she said.

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7.- Dalia Durán confesses that she left the bond with her lawyer because of

The Cuban said that she felt vulnerable and guilty and made the hasty decision to end her employment relationship with the lawyer who defended her: “Out of sorrow, out of guilt, because one comes to feel guilt, I decided to put it aside,” she said. .

8.- The Cuban recognizes that it still hurts to see her photos attacked

Even though it’s been a long time, Dahlia Duran accepted that he has not yet overcome the trauma left by the aggression of John Kelvinbecause he still cannot see the images of how the incident turned out: “I could have put on makeup, but the pain here (pointing to his heart) does not pass,” he said through tears.

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9.- Will there be an appeal?

Dahlia Duransupported by Gisela Valcarcelshe will contact her lawyer again to help her find a solution so that John Kelvin do not go unpunished.