What did Daniel Lazo say after leaving the apartment and who do I blame for the bad conditions?: “I can’t live like this”

The singer Daniel Lazo continues to be in the public eye after the media scandal that took place after not taking responsibility for the apartment he lived in and which, according to his social media accounts, had been damaged since 2018, which caused him to finally leave the property.

“The issue of renting the apartment had already been having problems for two years. I rented with very good deals with dew bald, owner of the property (..) We are going to put the apartment in the return process. Because, obviously, I can no longer continue living in these conditions,” said the interpreter of “If it’s not with you.”

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What problems were there in the department according to Daniel Lazo?

While narrating everything that happened, Daniel Ribbon He detailed with images and videos that the hot tub he had in the property had not been properly maintained, which is why it ended up failing.

“The hot spring exploded and I faced the expense because it hadn’t been in use for a long time and it hadn’t been maintained either. Second, leaks and mold appeared inside the apartment, two years ago or a little more,” he said. Daniel.

The reason why Daniel Lazo did not leave the department

Given this, Daniel Lazo revealed the reasons why he did not leave the department despite the problems that were happening.

“Daniel, if the apartment was not in good condition, were you still there? Because The lady asked me not to leave and that she was going to bring a technician to fix the situation because it corresponds to her by contract, ”he surprised by telling.

It was so, the artist showed the photos of the new artifacts but not the spent ticket of what he bought to fix the damage in the apartment.

“I have made expenses such as the hot spring costing s/900 that exploded due to lack of maintenance, the dehumidifier that I had to buy and it cost about s/700 and all the clothes and losses that I have had all this year. The closet was full of mold and I had to hire a crew to clean the place,” he revealed.

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Daniel Lazo blames the media for misrepresenting the news

After what was revealed, the ex-winner of “The Voice Peru” indicated that there are no victims in this case and that the press is not publishing the entire interview, accommodating it to their liking to harm the singer.

“The part where I ask the owner about the loans does not appear. I am clearly not the victim, we had an agreement with the lady because she was uninhabitable, ”she recounted.

Finally, he stated that dew bald The owner of the property has the guarantee that Daniel gave her and hopes that the truth of everything that has happened since 2018 will be told.

“I wanted to withdraw and take the guarantee that was 1600 dollars. (…) I sent him images of the apartment and how he had tried to clean (…) The only thing I want is for the truth to be spoken, the lady breached the contract and lies by indicating that I did not lend her money, “he sentenced.