What did Karen Schwarz say about the rumors of a marriage crisis with Ezio Oliva?

With less than two weeks of being married, karen schwarz He did not leave anyone indifferent when he said that his marriage to Ezio Oliva is unpredictable. In an interview with “America Today”, the ex-figure of Latina commented that her coexistence with the Peruvian singer is not “a world of fantasy” far from it. Given this, various headlines were generated in which they hinted that the couple was going through a crisis, but the former Miss Peru did not remain silent and she went out to explain the reason for her latest statements.

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Will Karen Schwarz and Ezio Oliva separate?

When Karen Schwarz was asked in “America Today” Why Ezio Oliva had decided to have a vasectomy despite the fact that she had already tied her tubes, the model said: “Ezio tells me why nobody knows what might happen later, God would like me to end up remarrying him, but nobody knows what might happen”.

“What happens is that, let’s see, we don’t live in a fantasy world, we don’t live in the world of the unicorn. We are building day by day and when one who knows (…). Suddenly, at some point, Ezio meets someone and falls in love. What can I do? I prefer that he tell me and vice versa, and we are very clear about that ”, specified the ex-host of TV.

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What did Karen Schwarz respond to the rumors of a marital crisis?

After the rumors that arose due to his statements on the Ethel Well, Karen Schwarz came out to defend her marriage. “When people are surprised by our philosophy as a couple”reads one of his Instagram stories.

Karen Schwarz speaks on social networks. Photo: Karen Schwarz’s Instagram

“Ezio Oliva and I build day by day and we work on each other to achieve what we so long for, reaching old age together. But we are also aware that anything can happen. And that day it will be because one of the two or suddenly both of us no longer want to build ”, he added. “That is to say, it is not called a marital crisis, it is called complicity, respect, honesty, sincerity and, something very important, love,” the model stated to put an end to these speculations.