What do you want to generate in the spring?

March 20 smells of a new bloom, nature does not decide and cannot be resisted, the transformation is forced by its natural process. The balance returns, the stage of darkness in which we were immersed ends.

Light comes on and we hatch. The force of spring inspires us to create the new. It provides us with the engine to achieve our goals. Its energy stimulates us and launches us towards the undertaking of new projects. It’s not about making wishes like in winter, now the goal is our hands, it is to put our soul, heart and the corresponding actions to achieve purposes.

What do you need to update the present? Let’s review a bit: how is the diet going, our relationships with the world? Do travel companions nourish us? Do I offer the world what I want to receive? Do I love my job? How about the finances? Are we capable of enjoying our own company? Our journey is continuous, every minute counts, now time could stop for us, this is the only moment we have, while we reach the goal and work to foresee the future, let’s try a farewell full of experiences that fill the soul with the satisfaction of lived and achieved. Do we reinvent ourselves?