What does Adrián Bello do, Bruno Ascenzo’s boyfriend for 10 years?

Bruno Ascenzo and Adrián Bello celebrated their tenth anniversary on April 12. In addition to being a couple, they have worked together on the film “Until we meet again” (HQNVAE), Netflix’s first Peruvian production, starring Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias, which gave much to talk about. In this regard, Adrián admitted to feeling some fear for his participation in the tape directed by his boyfriend. “I’ve never wanted to talk about my relationship because I don’t want it to feel like I’m using it to further my career”he told Infobae.

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What does Adrián Bello do?

Adrian Bello He was born in 1991 and is 32 years old to date, six years younger than Bruno Ascenzo, 38, born on September 13, 1984. Initially, he intended to be a communicator and even did a Master’s in Photography.

However, since 2018 he has been promoting his career as an independent singer and songwriter. Because of his style, he has been called the ‘Peruvian Harry Styles’. Even so, he warns that he doesn’t make mass music because he doesn’t like commercials. “I don’t make urban or pop music, but things that have a hint of something older and melancholic. When producing I like the most minimalist things. I feel that I am not making mainstream music nor do I consider myself the experimental artist of the moment”, expressed the author of “Go back”main theme of “HQNVAE”.

Adrián Bello also points out that his music is not aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community. “I have never set out to be the icon of the community nor make songs about an activist theme. By being openly gay and living my relationship, I’m already doing some activism in a way,” she said.

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Adrián Bello’s musical career

The first step in the musical career of Adrian Bello was to reach the final of the Festival Claro 2015. Then he burst onto the scene with “Apprentice”, an English soul album. What followed was a series of collaborations, including “Explosión” with Ximena Sariñana, “Escondidos” together with Jósean Log, “emotional intelligence” with the duo Alejandro and María Laura, “If you would love me” alongside singer-songwriter Nia Vanie and “One more night” with the participation of Colombian Esteman.

“Since 2020 I have been releasing singles, exploring and playing with different Latin American genres. It has been a stage of search for me, in which I had the option of shutting myself away and doing the work alone, or finding my sound and my identity. I was able to collaborate with both Peruvian and foreign artists, and My music has reached places I never imagined.”said Adrián Bello, who was in charge of opening the concert given in Lima by Laura Pergolizzi ‘LP’, the voice of the single “Lost on you”, on January 20.

Currently, Adrián Bello has been promoting his latest single, “To the beach”, In addition to his collaboration with the Ecuadorian Ceci Juno with the song “The farewell”.