What does Ana Claudia Urbina do, the singer who left Corazón Serrano for her maternity

serrano heart, the so-called ‘Happier Heart of Peru’, has faced many accusations throughout its history and one of them came from its former vocalist Ana Claudia Urbina. In 2015, shortly after joining the group with her sister Ana Lucía Urbina, the singer reported that the owner of the cumbia group, Lorenzo Guerrero, fired her for being pregnant. “I was not going to be in a company where they did not want me for the simple fact of having a child. I just stepped aside.” he stated after joining the ranks of Puro Sentimiento.

However, some time later, Ana Claudia Urbina joined El Encanto de Corazón, a group directed by the Guerrero Neyra family. When she retired, she joined Puro Sentimiento again, in which she remained until November 2017. Through Facebook she announced that she was resigning to spend more time with her son, Santiago, born in 2016.

Ana Claudia Urbina and her twin sister, Ana Lucía Urbina, when they belonged to Corazón Serrano. Photo: Facebook

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What does Ana Claudia Urbina do?

Away from Corazón Serrano, Ana Claudia Urbina drew attention in 2019 for the reconciliation with the father of her son, the architect edzon rodriguez. The couple remains together to this day.

Ana Claudia Urbina and Edzon Rodriguez have a child together. Photo: Ana Claudia Urbina/Facebook

During the state of emergency and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ana Claudia Urbina launched her soap business, Handmade Tiadiawhich was even promoted by his colleagues Tommy Portugal, Estrella Torres, Amy Gutiérrez, Nickol Sinchi and Lesly Águila.

“I studied a virtual course for three months that was taught in Colombia and all our products are for the care and maintenance of the skin. Also, to eliminate blackheads, pimples, pimples, ”he told in an interview with Trome, in 2022.

Ana Claudia Urbina launched a handmade soap venture. Photo: Instagram

Similarly, the daughter of Moises Urbina and Mariela Zapata González, Ana Claudia Urbina, began to study English at American English. “In these times, knowing another language is essential,” she said.

The cumbia singer also ventured into the sale of personalized greetings through social networks. On Instagram she has 92,500 followers and on Facebook she has 877,000. “The rate for greeting only was 50 soles and with a song, 100. A week there could be between 20 and 25 people who requested it,” she specified.

After the bad season, in August 2021, Ana Claudia Urbina was presented as the new vocalist of Zona Libre. She became the first female member of the Jonathan Rojas and Angelo Fukuy group. With her voice they have recorded the song “Qué pena por ti”, belonging to the soundtrack of the telenovela “Luz de Luna”.