What does Fabio Agostini do after moving away from television?

He is not a prophet in his land! Fabio Agostini He is a Spanish model who has succeeded in South American countries, where he arrived to be part of various reality shows. He landed in Peru to join the ranks of “Combate” and, thanks to his euphoric personality, he began to become a controversial character for the national small screen. This is how the influencer has known how to reinvent himself and every time he is not on the scene he manages to stay and continue in force.

The popular ‘Lord’ Agostini It has become a trend in recent days because it announced to all its followers that it is recording content with businessman Mark Vitto, known for being the ex-husband of the leader of Fuera Popular, Keiko Fujimori. Apparently, the actor is taking advantage of his media exposure to generate content on his OnlyFans account. What else does he do after leaving “This is war”? Next, we will give you all the details.

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How did Fabio Agostini become known in Peru?

Fabio Agostini is a model who was born in Gran Canaria, Spain, on March 2, 1990. In “The value of truth” he told that he traveled to London to work as a dishwasher. Almost 10 years ago he came to Peru to be part of “Combate”. After his arrival on the reality show, he proved to be very temperamental, with character and that helped him and sank him at the same time. Thus, they not only called him to participate in new seasons, but also withdrew him due to some scandals that he was involved in. In total, in the production of ATV he was in the fifth, seventh and eleventh season of the competition.

However, he also tried his luck in 2013, when he traveled to Ecuador to be part of the cast of “Calle 7”, but it did not last long because he returned to Lima. After that he retired from television for a while to focus on his work as an international influencer. Throughout his entire artistic career, the young man became well known for his infatuated personality, since he was associated with more than one model. On his list of romances is: Paula Manzanal, Mayra Goñi, Ambar Montenegro and Jamila Dahabreh.

The Spanish model Fabio Agostini moved away from Peruvian lands for a long time, but at the beginning of last year he returned to the ranks of “This is war.” However, he was again out of the contest. Therefore, he returned to focus on his work as a content creator.

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What does Fabio Agostini do after leaving “This is war”?

The content creator Fabio Agostini has not neglected his work as an influencer, since on his official Instagram account he has more than 3 million followers to please. In addition, he does not hesitate to remain current on Peruvian television with his sporadic appearances in some programs.

In his official account of the aforementioned app, he began to promote the interview he gave to the podcast “With FM“, which is hosted by Fabianne Hayashida and Mario Irivarren. Apparently, the popular ‘Lord’ Agostini will tell everything about his stage in “Combate”. The young man also has a hobby of traveling and he does it inside and outside our country, where he is currently living. On the other hand, the model is also focused on his OnlyFans channel, where he shares all the content that he constantly generates.

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Fabio Agostini announces collaboration with Mark Vitto

A few days ago, the ex-husband of Keiko Fujimori Mark Vitto It became a trend on social networks due to the video he published, in which he saw himself with a different figure. After that, it can be understood that the businessman dedicated several hours to the gym and entered the world of bodybuilding with force. Users did not hesitate to congratulate him on how good he looked and began to ask him to join Fabio Agostini to record content.

The Spanish model surprised everyone by announcing that his wishes would be fulfilled very soon, but everything became more upset when the reality boy uploaded a video with the American announcing that they would soon have news. What’s more, the content creator revealed that he helped him create his account on this social network: “They were crying out for it and here it is. My new disciple. More motivated than ever and building the best version of him. You can now follow him on his new Instagram“.