What does ‘Gato’ Bazan do after leaving Armonía 10 after almost 30 years?

Do you hold a grudge against them? The grouping harmony 10 is a musical institution in Peru that has been able to build its impeccable career based on the work on each of its musical hits, as well as the originality of its lyrics and melodies. However, nothing would have been possible without the charismatic entertainer ‘Gato’ Bazán, who had the precise comments for each of his concerts.

This work and friendship relationship came to an end after several years with the sudden retirement of the artist, who did not appear again in the ranks of the orchestra without further explanation to his audience, until they themselves questioned the musician’s presence and everything went smoothly. to the light. What is he currently doing? Next, we will tell you all the details.

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What is the trajectory of ‘Gato’ Bazán in Harmony 10?

Mr Luis Bazan He changed the way of animating cumbia orchestras, after his versatile personality flowed on stage with Armonía 10 and made all his fans enjoy themselves to the fullest. The artist became a character who could not miss any event of the musical group.

Everyone sees them celebrating cumbia to the fullest, but very few know that the musical genre to which it was dedicated was rock. That is how he started as a dancer until in 1992, the Cumbia University gave him the opportunity to animate his presentations and gave his best. He has worked with the most renowned members of the orchestra, such as Macuco himself, earning the love and respect of each of his colleagues.

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Why did ‘Gato’ Bazán withdraw from Armonía 10?

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus paralyzed the world to an unimaginable degree. With this, the economy of some items such as pharmaceuticals and cleaning went up; However, the artistic and tourist environment was one of the most affected because they became the last to reactivate their activities. In Peru, the open spaces only began to work legally in the middle of 2021, but until then the artists had to feed themselves and one of those ways was the famous ‘privaditos’.

One of those affected companies was the musical group Armonía 10, which reduced the salary of all its workers, including the entertainer ‘Gato’ Bazán. The same one who had no better idea than to gather some of the best-known members of Armonía 10 and put them together to perform at small events without telling the founder of the company he worked for, Walter Lozano. This is how he related it in Carlos Orozco’s podcast: “That had a rebound on a TV channel and Mr. cat and his gang rebounded very quickly“. As a result of that report, his boss’s decision was drastic: “I get a message with a reminder and on the side it said ‘Walter Lozada removed you from the WhatsApp group‘”.

Within the same conversation, the musician ‘Gato’ Bazán commented that what bothered him the most was not the determination itself: “What was it hard for them to call me and tell me: ‘Gato, I know you’re already in another business and, therefore, , you are no longer going to belong to the orchestra’, I accepted it”. The feeling of disloyalty was not inevitable because the band simply stopped posting photos and videos without him. The public did not wait and began to question his absence. The orchestra led by Walter Lozada managed to comment: “Clarifying doubts: Mr. Luis Bazán published a few days ago on his social networks that he has formed his new group, which was his always dream. We wish him the best on the path he has taken and gratitude will always be there.“.

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What does ‘Gato’ Bazán do after leaving Armonía 10?

As we mentioned above, before the departure of ‘Gato’ Bazán from the musical group Armonía 10, the entertainer had already formed his small orchestra that he materialized and better organized after his sudden retirement from the musical group to which he served for more than 30 years. In said orchestra he works together with Lucho Bazán, Paúl Flores, Percy Chapoñay and Renato Chapoñay.

On their social networks, it can be seen that the orchestra is always active and the last thing they lack are contracts, and not only because of the tireless work they have been doing, but because of the popularity of the musician they already had. Will he continue to succeed? Everything indicates that it is, because in show business there is an audience for everyone.