What does Jeremy Montalva, Daniela Darcourt’s crush, do, and how long have they been together?

the sauce boat Daniela Darcourt She is a very talented young woman who started from the bottom and, little by little, based on effort, she has worked very hard to achieve all the achievements she has achieved until today. The Peruvian artist debuted as a soloist performing spiteful songs that could very well be identified with her love relationships, since she gave herself several opportunities in love, but she did not specify anything.

The naturalness and charisma of the businesswoman has allowed her followers to know what her processes of falling in love and loneliness have been, through her social networks. However, she kept her latest conquest under lock and key, perhaps with the idea of ​​taking better care of herself and not exposing so much to avoid bad setbacks. Do you want to know who the lucky man is? Here we will tell you all the details.

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Who is Daniela Darcourt’s boyfriend?

The current partner of the sauce boat Daniela Darcourt is called Jeremy Montalva and far from being his polar opposite, the young man is dedicated to music working as a percussionist. However, his economic ambitions were more and they made him grow to the point of founding his own studio called Drummont Studio. Everything indicates that the partner of the ex-juror of “La voz Perú” is from Callao, Peru.

Currently, he is focused on the orchestra of the Peruvian singer, who is still at his peak as a soloist. Her work makes her travel through the various countries that the interpreter of “mr lie” and meet great characters like Tito Nieves and others with whom the artist is related.

Daniela Darcourt with her boyfriend Jeremy Montalva and musical father Tito Nieves

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What does Daniela Darcourt’s boyfriend do?

As we mentioned above, the young man who stole the heart of the salsa singer Daniela Darcourt shares her passion for music, but not through his voice, but through his instruments. Despite being a percussionist, the artist also plays different instruments and this has been demonstrated in the musical groups in which he worked before joining the ranks of his girlfriend.

Zaperoko, the Wilmer Cartegana orchestra, Dúo Idéntico, Combinación de la Habana and other groups witnessed the great talent of the young musician. However, her life changed when in the fortnight of October 2021 he started working for the artist, who would later become his partner.

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How long has Daniela Darcourt been with her boyfriend?

The sauce boat Daniela Darcourt exposes some of her intimacies on social networks, but she never gave details of the person she was dating romantically until July 26, 2022 when she shared her first story on Instagram with Jeremy Montalva where she said: “The best days with my beautiful chocolate”. Followed by that photo of the two of them was an image of their intertwined hands.

Daniela Darcourt

Daniela Darcourt and Jeremy Montalva confirmed their relationship. Photos: Instagram

Although that was not the date since the couple began their romance, it is counted since the love affair was made official, which until today would take approximately 6 months. The lovers do not share many posts together, but recently they did for special dates like Christmas and New Year. In any case, the most important thing is that the interpreter of “Probably” is happy and everything is going well.


Daniela Darcourt dedicates a tender message to her boyfriend

The singer Daniela Darcourt is more in love than ever, despite the fact that they have failed her several times. This is how she demonstrates it on her social networks, where she shares the trips as a couple that she has with Jeremy Montalvo not only for work, but also for relaxation.

Daniela Darcourt and Jeremy Montalvan

Daniela Darcourt and Jeremy Montalván have been dating for more than 7 months. Photo: composition LR/Fabrizio Oviedo

In this way, on October 23, he uploaded a photo to his story on his Instagram declaring his love in style: “We keep adding stories, moments and more, partner of my life. Thank you for everything and so much so far, my love. I love you Jeremy Montalva”. In the image you could see the lovers far from the brightness and scenarios.