What does Laszlo Kovacs do after he stops appearing in “Al fondo hay sitio”?

“At the bottom there is room” surprised his audience with the sudden absence of the character ‘Tito’, played by Laszlo Kovacs. The explanation came in chapter 192, when it was added to the plot that he had inherited a fortune and had to travel urgently. The uncertainty forced the actor to speak on Instagram: “I want to thank all the messages that have sent me concerned, wondering if ‘Tito’ is going to continue in the series or not. I want to invite you to continue watching ‘AFHS’”.

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Where is Laszlo Kovacs?

Getting away from the intense rhythm of recording “There’s Room at the Bottom” has allowed Laszlo Kovacs to dedicate himself to his honeymoon with Mili Asalde, his wife, whom he married in July 2022. At that time, the actor did not I could go on a trip and they postponed everything.

Now, through their respective Instagram accounts, Laszlo Kovacs and Mili Asalde share their tour of Europe. One of their first stops was Madrid (Spain), then followed by London and, in their latest publication, on April 13, the couple can be seen in the tourist centers of Budapest (Hungary), the country of origin of the actor’s father, the engineer Andras Kovacs.

As recalled, Laszlo Kovacs’s father arrived in Peru as part of a diplomatic mission aimed at implementing improvements in several schools. Within a month of his arrival, he met Carmen Rosa Fernandez, whom he married after a year. Once installed, he founded A. Kovács SAC, a comprehensive air conditioning and design company, as he indicates on Facebook.

In an interview, András Kovács confessed that he would have liked his son, Laszlo Kovacs, to be an engineer or an architect. “Beyond the profession you have, the important thing is that you do it well”, he told Publimetro.

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How did Laszlo Kovacs and Mili Asalde meet?

laszlo kovacs He took everyone by surprise when he announced, in March 2022, that he was engaged to Mili Asalde. The remembered Gianluca from “Maricucha” maintained, from 2005 to 2009, a media romance with Magdyel Ugaz, ‘Teresita’ in “AFHS”, and his followers did not lose hope that the couple would resume the relationship. Even in 2021, the actress left open the possibility of that happening, when she said on Instagram: “I leave all the doors open. They are already open because I love him. He is my best friend, my confidant. He is very special “.

However, as Laszlo Kovacs recounted, he had already met Mili Asalde in 2009, during a tour of the actors of “Al fondo hay sitio” in Chiclayo, his wife’s city of origin.

For his part, Mili Asalde, who is a businesswoman and has her clothing brand, Padam Padam Padam, said that she felt that Laszlo Kovacs was still very immature. “I didn’t have a lot of confidence” He said in the program “En boca de todos”. They met again in 2013 and kept in touch until the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was in those video calls that I had with Mili that we deepened our friendship even more, so when we meet again here, in Lima, I think we looked at each other with different eyes”, expressed Laszlo Kovacs.