What does the 1 cent coin that is valued at more than 800,000 dollars look like?

He market of tickets and coins It is getting bigger and collectors are willing to pay large sums, in some cases close to a million dollars. This occurs with the dollar cent or penny minted in 1942.

It is necessary to be very prudent and careful with these coins, since, due to their great value in the market, replicas circulate. Many times they are sold for large sums, but they are nothing more than scams. To check if it is real, it is recommended to test with a magnet. If the coin sticks, it is a fake.

What is the 1 cent coin that is worth more than $800,000?

Despite the fact that the one cent coin is the smallest denomination in USAthis one is special: it was minted in 1942, it was distributed a year later and it is one of the most sought after by collectors around the world. One of these pieces sold for $840,000 at auction in 2021.according to Narcity.

The copper penny was mistakenly minted in 1942 but circulated in 1943. Photo: broadcast

They were produced around 40 coins of this type in 1943 in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. In addition, it stands out for having the portrait of then President Abraham Lincoln.

How do I know if I have a penny worth more than $800,000?

The easiest way to identify one of the 40 1-cent coins minted in the 1940s—because they were made of a copper alloy—is to use a magnet. If it does not stick to the magnet, it is very possible that you have a million dollar coin. The next step is to take the coin to a numismatic expert. If it’s in good shape, it could be worth thousands of dollars.

How much copper is in a dollar cent?

The rise in the price of copper has generated a curious situation: a large part of the 1-cent coins in circulation in the USA They are worth twice their denomination. This means that if 1 cent is taken, melted down, and sold as metal at what copper was worth, its value is about 1.8 cents.

But not all the pennies in circulation have the same value, since the coins of 1.8 cents they are only those minted before 1982, when the vast majority of coins had several grams of copper. Since that year, the Government of USA changed the composition of the currency 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.