What does the presenter and actress Fiorella Rodríguez do outside of television?

The last appearance of fiorella rodriguez on television it was in the program “For God and for money”who was driving Carlos Galdos. Since then, she has been developing her career as an actress, influencer and businesswoman until today. Without a doubt, she is multifaceted, and for this reason, she is now preparing to be one of the celebrities who will enter a professional kitchen to become a “the great chef”. But what activities have you been doing away from the screens and television sets? Read on to find out more about the popular ‘Friendship’.

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What does Fiorella Rodríguez do outside of television?

fiorella rodriguez He is 49 years old and studied Psychology at the Ricardo Palma University. In addition to her well-known work in conducting and acting in movies, series, and plays, she won the Mis Teen beauty contest in 1992 and later participated in Mis Peru in 1995 at the age of 20. She failed to win the crown, but did win the titles of miss Friendship and miss Talent.

After being part of successful telenovelas and show programs on Panamericana and América Televisión, the presenter worked in 2008 as a public relations officer for shows by artists such as Plácido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Daddy Yankee, among others. Two years later, she founded together with her husband at the time, Sandro Venturaand Adolfo Aguilar a company dedicated to broadcasting and media consulting. In addition, he promoted the creation of Big Bang Films in 2013, an institution in charge of dubbing documentaries, films and animated series.

Fiorella Rodríguez is part of Cuarenta y Acción, a representation agency for actresses over 40 and new talent. Photo: Forty and Action

For this year, fiorella rodriguez he recorded the film “Matrimonio inexpecado” together with Korina Rivadeneyra and Renzo Schuller and will be a member of the program “El gran chef”, which will premiere Latina on May 1. In addition to this, she is part of the actress staff of Cuarenta y Acción, which offers representation, promotion, communication and image management aimed at actresses aged 40 and over or young talents. Finally, she offers personalized greetings through the Famous platform starting at $40.

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Her career as an actress

After having made her first appearance on television as the presenter of the program “Punto de quiembre”, she received a proposal from the producer michel gomez to debut as an actress in the telenovela “Los unos y los otros”, broadcast in 1995. Later, she acted in “Gabriela”, “Girasoles para Lucía” and various plays, such as “Malayerba”, “Tonight there is no one for anyone ” and other productions directed by Lola Villar and Osvaldo Cattone.

His last appearances in the theater were in the works “Los locos Adams, the musical”, in 2013, and “All my fears”, in 2016, while in the cinema he was part of the second film of “Don’t tell me Spinster” which is available on Netflix. The former television host also recently announced on her Instagram account that she will return to the theater with a comedy called “Ghosts”, which will premiere on April 8 at the Cafae Cultural Center and is directed by Paco Varela.

Fiorella Rodríguez will be part of the cast of the play “Fantasmas”. Photo: Instagram/Fiorella Rodríguez