What does Valery Burga do, Evelyn Vela’s husband who lives in the United States [FOTO]

Since Evelyn Vela spoke through the social networks announcing his separation from Valery Burga, with whom he is still married, no further news about him has been released. For that reason, today we tell you what he does Valery Burgathe man who was discovered dancing with a girl on the beach very affectionate.

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The popular ‘Queen of the South’Evelyn Vela, has not wanted to give statements about the terms in which her relationship with her still husband, Valery Burgaafter it was made public that he was happy, enjoying the beaches of Miami with a woman named Celia Rodriguezwho works as a dancer.

For its part, through its social networks, Valery Burga He has also not commented on his break with evelyn candlebut what if he has been seen is working, because Valery Burga makes himself known as a professional barber and precisely has a business dedicated to it.

In the photographs that he has made public on his social networks, the different styles in which he has worked can be seen Valery Burga in Miami, serving children, youth and adults.

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Evelyn Vela denies that Valery is with a young dancer: “As far as I know, he is single”

The model Evelyn Vela spoke on the screens of America Television after the breakup of his marriage to Valery Burga, after some images came out where the barber would be quite affectionate with a dancer he met on his travels through Miami.

“I haven’t talked to him about that issue until today, he hasn’t clarified anything for me, nor am I going to ask him because I’m not interested. What I know is that he’s alone until today,” the first commented. renowned Queen of the South.