What does Verónica Linares’ boyfriend do, with whom he will arrive at the altar this 2023?

They will move to the married row! The communicator Verónica Linares is the face of the most important newscast in america television for more than 20 years; however, very little is known of his personal life. The only thing that was known about her was that she was married to a famous person who worked in the same environment as her and who later divorced her. Months later, her life took a 180 degree turn.

Twelve years passed and two children were born so that Alfredo Rivero and the host are aware that they wanted to take the next step: get married. Both are not complicated like most couples and are taking their organization process very lightly. When will the ceremony be? Where? I eat? Next, we will detail everything about the most anticipated marriage of 2023.

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Who is Alfredo Rivero Nieto?

Much has been speculated about Verónica Linares’s boyfriend, but the truth is that everything about him is thanks to the little we find on his social networks. This is because there are very few times that the television presenter has shown it on camera. His full name is Alfredo Rivero Nietostudied Law at the San Martín de Porres University and did his master’s degree in Competition and Intellectual Property at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Verónica Linares and Alfredo Rivero met at a nightclub. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture/@veronicalinaresc

Initially, he worked in the Legal Defense area of ​​some companies until he joined Saga Falabella in 2010, where he reached the position of self-regulation corporate legal manager. His management was recognized in 2018 as one of the most influential, according to his Instagram profile.

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In fact, Verónica Linares herself acknowledged on the “Somos NDG” podcast that the nickname “Cierra puertas” given to her by the Magaly Medina program, who supported them in 2010, fell on her because “it isAt that time, he worked in a department store that made door closers and from there he was the official ‘Door Closer.’

It should be noted that, thanks to that report by “Magaly TeVe” It is that the followers of the television host found out that she was meeting a new lover. Obviously, at that moment, neither she knew that he would be the person with whom she would form her family.

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Why was it difficult for Verónica Linares to get pregnant by Alfredo Rivero?

The relationship between Verónica Linares and Alfredo Rivero formally began in 2010 and since then they have gone little by little without haste until the journalist found out that she would have a problem if she wanted to be a mother. This is how she told Natalie Vértiz for “You are in all of them”. The face of “America news” She never thought about being a mother, but the news made her uneasy.

For this reason, the communicator looked for another doctor, who gave her hope: “I was nervous until one day I told her crying, traumatized, I was not going to blackmail her, knowing what I am doing… I’m not like that, so I told him and he said ‘oh yes, of course’ and a month later I got pregnant”.

When she told the news of her first pregnancy nationwide, Verónica Linares introduced her partner for the first time Alfredo Rivero. Years later, the journalist announced the news of her second baby live and stunned her friend Rebeca Escribns.

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Why Verónica Linares and Alfredo Rivero have not married?

The actress Rebeca Escribns surprised everyone with good news: “I have a scoop for you… Before anyone else, I’ll tell you, and it’s that my Verónica Linares is getting married, getting married… Always wanting to outshine Valeria (Piazza) who was the bride of the year… she wastes no time”. This was explained by the host of “América spectacles” on July 11, 2022.

The 46-year-old presenter later detailed Natalie Vértiz, in an interview she did for the program “you are in all”, that the reason why they had not married yet was because “nobody wants to make the exchange for me”. In an interview with a local newspaper, the influencer clarified that this 2023 “Yes or yes there is a wedding”.

However, until now the exact date is not known, since the communicator Verónica Linares has revealed that it is not in plans yet, but they made the decision: “(Marriage) is a subject that we are talking about with my husband, it is something that We have pending. A couple of months ago, my father-in-law passed away and added to everything that happened in the pandemic, it makes you think about a lot of things and see what we are missing, and getting married is something that we have pending.

Veronica Linares

Verónica Linares’ future husband is a prominent lawyer. Photo: Instagram/ @veronicalinaresc

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Verónica Linares wants to interview Magaly Medina

The interview that Verónica Linares did to Gisela Valcárcel did spark sparks and, therefore, the thousands of revelations that occurred on the set where everything was recorded remained. What caught the most attention was the desire that the journalist had to interview the ATV driver and she said it without any fear in the presence of the owner of GV Productions.

In this sense, he mentioned: “Why were you talking about Magaly on the show, this season? It surprised me. I hope, at some point, I can also have Magaly in ‘La Linares”. Given this, Ethel Pozo’s mother made the ‘stop’: “You have to learn to choose, Linares.” Federico Salazar’s partner was not intimidated and she made things clear to him: “They are very rich characters, for better or worse”. It didn’t take long for Magaly Medina to accept the invitation.

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Verónica Linares celebrated her 25 years as a journalist

A few days ago, Verónica Linares told her followers that she was celebrating her 25th anniversary as a journalist in national media.

“Today I am celebrating my anniversary. I celebrate 25 years as a journalist, 25 years. I go crazy. My first commission was in the Judiciary of Callao, on January 2, 1998.″, commented Federico Salazar’s partner.

However, what attracted the most attention was that he revealed the institution where he did his first internship. “I finished university in December 1997 and right away I got an internship on Channel 7. From there, thank God, I have not stopped living what I like so much,” said the communicator.

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Is there already a date for the wedding of Verónica Linares and Alfredo Rivero?

A few weeks ago, Jaime ‘Choca’ Mandros committed an infidelity in his “Más Espectáculos” program and revealed that Verónica Linares already has a date for her marriage.

“About the marriage (of Valeria Piazza), that day we were with a newscaster,” said the producer so that later Ximena Davila revealed: “Ah, Verónica Linares.” “I haven’t said anything,” added “Choca” and continued: “She and the father of her children told me that there is already a marriage date. I know it, but I can’t say it, because then if she kills me, “she stressed.

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Where did Verónica Linares start her journalistic practice?

On January 3, the communicator Verónica Linares recalled with great nostalgia how she started in the world of journalism 25 years ago. The television host did not have the position that she has now and, therefore, she recalled those times.

In this sense, while enjoying his vacation, he expressed: “I finished university in December 1997 and to the touch I got practices in channel 7. Since then, thank God, I have not stopped living what I like so much”. It should be noted that he has been working with Federico Salazar for almost 20 years and many more come.

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Verónicas Linares and her shocking joke for April Fool’s Day

The journalist decided to join the list of personalities who made hilarious pranks on December 28 to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Verónica Linares caused a great surprise by uploading a photograph teaching a choreography. In this way, she implied that she was expecting a third baby.

“For 3 months I can’t wait to tell you Fabio and Antonia will have a little brother!”, read in the description of his post. However, the lines below indicated that his announcement was a joke.

The publication of Verónica Linares.

The publication of Verónica Linares. Photo: Veronica Linares/Instagram

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Verónica Linares does not forget her first ampay in Magaly Medina

12 years ago, Verónica Linares was one of the protagonists of Magaly Medina’s ampays. As recalled, the journalist was caught with whom she is now her father, father of her children and her future husband.

During a brief interview, the journalist told in detail how her ampay lived with Alfredo Riveroshortly after separating from her previous partner: “We were leaving a nightclub and, I had recently divorced and they started to follow me and he was like ‘What’s going on here?’They wanted to bring the camera closer to him and he grabbed and closed the door and said let’s go.”

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Verónica Linares exposes Janet Barboza and Brunella Horna

Verónica Linares, who is in charge of the morning newscast of América Televisión, surprised by making an infidelity about the presenters of “América Hoy” Janet Barboza Y Brunella Horna. The three were together in the celebration of the channel’s pre-sale that took place on November 17. According to the communicator, her colleagues had ingested a lot of alcohol during the event.

“We say goodbye and connect with ‘América hoy,’” said host Federico Salazar. This took Verónica by surprise, who assured that she thought that this program was not going to be broadcast. “They are going out? How have the girls been drinking, ah!, what a horror”, he expressed, causing his partner to laugh.

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Who was the first husband of Verónica Linares?

Verónica Linares was married to Manolo del Castillo, host of “Reportaje al Perú”. The relationship did not work out, according to what was said, due to the busy schedule of both. And in March 2010, after 3 years of marriage, they announced their separation, despite having given themselves one last chance with a second honeymoon in Brazil.

“They slept in separate rooms because they had pretty terrible hours. As is hers, who has to get up early in the morning and go to bed early; and he, walking all day outside of Lima or editing his notes, “said Magaly Medina. “Love is possible, a pity they are no longer together. They made a super couple”, said the ‘Urraca’.

Why did Verónica Linares and Manolo del Castillo get divorced?

The journalist Verónica Linares has never been involved in scandals and there have been few opportunities in which show programs captured her; However, one of them was when Magaly Medina’s cameras saw her leaving a disco with who is now her future husband, Alfredo Rivero.

What most caught the attention of that ampay is that the host had just divorced weeks ago from Manolo del Castillo, also a television presenter. This marriage lasted three years because their work schedules did not coordinate and it caused them to spend little time together. The version was confirmed by the ATV communicator.