What happened in the battle of ‘José Feliciano’ versus ‘Dyango’ that nobody saw on TV

I am: great international battles Each time they surprise more with the presentations of each one of the competitors who come to challenge the consecrated ones. A few days ago, the followers of the imitation program were astonished by the arrival of Sebastián Landa on the set of Latina television, who personifies José Feliciano to face ‘Dyango’.

The performance of both artists had such an impact on the reality judges that they resulted in a tie between the performers. After a hard day to choose one of them as consecrated, the judges’ table had no other idea than to see them again in a next presentation, which was agreed for December 30.

However, on the day of the long-awaited competition, the followers of the reality show and the imitators of José Feliciano and Dyango could not see the tiebreaker, since the Latina television house did not broadcast the program. Well, the next day, December 31st, ‘José Feliciano’ appeared in the seat of consecrated people in the place of ‘Dyango’.

Sebastián Landa and Jairo Tafur had prepared their respective presentations to convince the jurors and occupy one of the red chairs on the television set. However, last Thursday, December 30, a fire of great proportions occurred on the top floor of a building in the center of Lima, which led to occupying the television space of the singing competition to cover the sinister that occurred in Roundtable one day away from ushering in the New Year.

After not being able to appreciate the tiebreaker between ‘Dyango’ and ‘José Feliciano’, the impersonator of the “Magic Heart” interpreter used his social networks to thank the singing program. Yesterday (December 30) The part of the program where @sebastianlandai, our ‘José Feliciano’, removes me from the consecrated chair was not broadcast. It did not come out, since there was an emergency case in Roundtable. However, I want to express all my happiness and respect, since a great one like ‘Sebas’ has competed and sung with me to make your hearts and homes happy through the screens of @yosoyperupaginaoficinal @ latina.pe Don’t forget about me. Happy new year and I love you very much, “he wrote.

After Sebastián Landa sang “After you … what?”, The impersonator’s presentation was evaluated by the jurors Mauri Stern, Janick Maceta and Jorge Henderson, who recognized ‘José Feliciano’. “Happy New Year! At last I am in the consecrated chair. Yesterday (December 30), for emergency reasons, they cut the transmission of the program where I was fighting with the great @jairotafuroficial, ‘Dyango’, where I was the winner and I was able to get this chair. Thank you all for your words and for all the support and good energy that you sent me. Unfortunately the program will not be broadcast, I would have loved for you to see how exciting it was. I hope all your support; I would love to reach the final. I love you very much, “the artist commented on his Instagram account.