What happened to Cindy Marino, the remembered model of “El cartel del humor” and former dancer of Bella Bella?

Cindy Marino He was a recurring character on Peruvian television for several years, since he was part of the cast of the comedy program “El cartel del humor”. She was also a dancer in the group Bella Bella along with Maricarmen Marin. However, over the years she moved away from national TV and devoted herself to other personal projects. In that sense, we detail what is the current situation of the remembered Peruvian model.

She worked on the program “Fanaticos” together with Billy Ramírez. This musical space was transmitted through the Panamericana signal. At the time of her, the remembered television presenter also maintained a media relationship with the former soccer player Amilton Prado.

Cindy Marino She is currently 35 years old and began her career as a dancer at a very young age. She joined the group Bella Bella, in which she was able to share the stage with Maricarmen Marín, July Rodríguez, among other singers and dancers. Later, she served as a model to promote swimwear and intimate apparel.

One of the most mediatic moments of his career was when he had a relationship with the then Peruvian player Amilton Prado. Both starred in a media relationship, since it was even stated that at the time of starting the relationship, the former athlete was still married. However, Marino assured on more than one occasion that these statements were false.

In 2012, he started working at “The Humor Poster” a television space that was carried out by Carlos Álvarez. She remained in the comedy program until 2014. After this experience, the model served as a presenter in “Fanaticos”, a production of Panamericana Televisión dedicated to music.

After distancing himself from the television cameras, Cindy Marino founded his own brand of jeans. She has a store in Gamarra. She thus announced it in a report of “The Chinese band” in January 2022.

As revealed in the report, she usually checks daily that all production is in order and sometimes even supports the preparation of clothing. “I’m not the one who cuts or the one who makes, because I don’t know, but sometimes I’ve had to come and put my hand (in the making of the pants),” she said. In addition, she indicated that she was single and devoted herself fully to her entrepreneurship.

Likewise, she has her own YouTube channel that has more than 6,000 followers. In this digital space, the model usually conducts interviews or dialogues with different artists from the local scene.

In September 2021, Cindy Marino participated in the program “In everyone’s mouth”. The former dancer was accompanied by her youngest daughter. “She is a girl who has it super clear, I have not had problems with her,” she said.

Cindy Marino He faced an uncomfortable moment in July of this year when he received sexist comments made by Gonzalo Nuñez. She was invited to a YouTube space hosted by the aforementioned sports journalist and Erick Osores. During the program, Nuñez showed a macho attitude after the model revealed her secret to staying in good shape.

The former dancer declared: “In one way or another, calories are burned.” Before this, he assured the following: “Even in a room you can do squats against the wall (…), you get ‘yucas'”. The comment generated rejection from Marino, so he asked that Nuñez be removed from the set. “Oh, no… Yeah, yeah. How are you going to say that? I don’t want to imagine. Enough! Get him out (Gonzalo Núñez). Goodbye,” he declared.