What happened to Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos, the model who ranked in the top 15 of Miss Universe 2003?

Being a Miss Peru does not make you eternal! The miss Universe It is the most popular beauty pageant of all time, not only because of the prestige that the organization that is in charge of promoting the cultural diversity of countries has earned, but also because it allows the female participants to be before the eyes of the whole world. like their countries. However, fame is fleeting and very ungrateful when the peak moment passes and the cameras go off.

That is the case of many models who delivered on the catwalks, but years later decided to continue their lives far from everything that media immediacy implies. One of them is the beauty queen Claudia Ortiz Zevallos, who was crowned as Miss Peru 2003 and traveled to Panama to represent us as the most beautiful woman in our country, but she was forgotten. In fact, she did not even go unnoticed by the jury of the format, since she came to be shortlisted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. What was she of her life? Next, we will tell you all the details and more.

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Who is Claudia Ortiz Zevallos?

Mrs Claudia Ortiz Zevallos She is a well-remembered Peruvian model who was born in the city of Arequipa on November 9, 1981. From a very young age she was influenced by the catwalks, by her bearing and her natural beauty. Her ability to publicize her beauty made her the winner of several contests until her stardom came with her participation in Miss Universe, since she won the title of Miss Peru 2003. The young businesswoman has had a very clean career, far, for complete, from any scandal or ampay.

Thus, the little that is known about her is that she was in a relationship with Martín Ford that lasted from 2005 to 2010. However, after finishing she met the true love of her life: Eduardo Aramburu Duclos. The couple married in 2012 and since then they have had two children who have kept them together for the good of their family.

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Claudia Ortiz Zevallos in Miss Universe 2003

The beauty Claudia Ortiz Zevallos She began her modeling career competing in the Miss World Tourism event that took place in Colombia and where she was a finalist in the beauty pageant and was crowned the Fashion Model. Later, she also participated in Miss Mesoamerica 2003, where she ended up as Viceroy. In 2002 she was called to be part of Miss Earth and she became a semifinalist. As we said before, 2003 was her best year, since she applied for Miss Peru and she took the best sash and the honor of representing our country in Miss Universe.

Her passage through the most important beauty pageant of all time did not go unnoticed and, as with our queen Alessia Rovegno, she reached the Top 15 as one of the most beautiful women of that time. However, that was not all, because in 2005 she returned to her courts to be part of Miss Asia-Pacific, where she was the third finalist. The beauty in this woman is undeniable, but not only on a physical level, but with all the skills that a true winner deserves.

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What is Claudia Ortiz Zevallos currently doing?

The pretty model Claudia Ortiz Zevallos She has not strayed from the catwalks because that is where she performs best and, for this reason, she specialized in modeling recognized brands with international value. In addition, she is the image of companies related to the world of beauty. Among them is Dior, Falabella, Bobby Brown, American Express and others more. In addition, she is focused on her clothing company called OZ Claudia Ortiz Zevallos, which is focused on haute couture women’s clothing.

Likewise, on social networks she has more than 15,000 followers and also shares part of her day-to-day life as the mother of two little ones. In addition, she shows that one of her hobbies is traveling to national and international destinations. In any case, she is rescued that she stayed away from television and all the media exposure that it entails.