What happened to Edu Saettone and why didn’t he return to This is War?

The reality show This is War has changed in more than one opportunity of drivers because some of them were starred in a series of scandals and others had new job opportunities. One of the presenters who was withdrawn was Edu Saettone but not for the reasons mentioned above, so find out in this note what happened to the musician.

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Why did Edu Saettone come out of This is War?

In 2013 the program This is war I present Edu Saettone as its new host after Matías Brivio decided to step aside from the program. But shortly afterwards, his departure was reported due to some “personal” problems that he had to solve.

What happened? A year before Saettone entered the reality show, he ran over a 69-year-old woman, María Elena Coronado, when she could not maneuver her car because according to her statements a bus crossed. Days after the accident, the elderly woman died in the clinical center.

After the process, the presenter did not communicate with the relatives of the deceased or help them financially, since he alleged that it was all an accident and his lawyers assured that the vehicle of the public figure skidded because the track was wet by a garúa that had happened long ago.

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Two years later, he was sentenced to four years in suspended prison but did not attend the reading of the sentence, so his defenders appealed and the victim’s family also so the trial was extended, but again when the sentence was read, he did not He attended court and became a fugitive from justice.