What happened to Emanuel Herrera from the time he left Sporting Cristal until his arrival at Universitario?

Emmanuel Herrera would be the next player University of Sports for the next 2023 season. The Argentine striker, with a past in Sporting Cristal, He would return to Peruvian soccer at the age of 35.

The journalist Mauricio Loret de Mola Emanuel Herrera, through his Twitter account, described the transfer of Emanuel Herrera as “the bomb signing” and pointed out that the player will travel this weekend with the purpose of joining the cream squad on Monday 5 from December.

Emmanuel Herrera in his first season in Sporting Cristal (2018-2020) he scored 40 goals in 42 games. The Professional Football Sports Association decorated the Argentine for being the top scorer of the year. With the rímense box, he was champion of the Summer, Apertura and Decentralized Championship tournaments in 2018.

His second season with celeste was marked by a serious injury suffered on April 28, 2019 in a 1-1 draw against Universitario. He lined up in 15 games and helped with seven touchdowns.

In 2020, he would once again be the protagonist where he scored 20 goals in 34 games and established himself as League 1 champion.

Do you want to know what happened to Emanuel Herrera after leaving Sporting Cristal in 2020 and returning to the first division of Peruvian soccer?

After his successful time at Sporting Cristal, the Argentine Emmanuel Herrera he signed for the Argentinos Juniors team. His pass would have cost $180,000. However, despite arriving as a goalscorer at the club, he only played 14 games and scored one goal.

After passing through Argentinos Juniors, Emmanuel Herrera reached an agreement with Celaya FC on June 13, 2022. The club was seeking promotion to Liga MX.

The Celaya FC team presented it this way: “Learn what the Tank is capable of. Born scorer, season scorer at Sporting Cristal, scorer in the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, proven quality. Like this or more fachero the Tank?