What happened to Latinchat? The “Tinder” of people who were born in the nineties

If you were born in the nineties (or perhaps a little earlier) you surely remember the boom that occurred in Peru when the cabins the internet became popular. There was no district in Lima that did not have these businesses that, initially, charged between S / 10.00 and S / 5.00 per hour.

However, as the years went by and the booths became more common, prices began to fall, and some businesses even gave you a small card that made you their “star customer”, to whom they gave 60 free minutes, as long as when they have rented five hours.

Back then, many people had their first contact with the internet and discovered web pages that, to this day, they remember fondly. One of the most popular portals in was LatinChat Since it allowed you to meet people from other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Spain, etc.

To enter LatinChat you simply had to write its address (www.latinchat.com) and you would automatically enter the platform. The only requirements to chat was to be over 18 years old and enter a ‘nickname’ which could be your real name or a nickname.

Once inside there were several chat rooms, which were divided by countries, interests, etc. There were some dedicated to meeting people with your own ‘hobbies’ and others that allowed you to meet your “better half”, for that reason, many remember LatinChat as the first Tinder.

In addition to having a general chat, in which all the members of a room wrote, this platform allowed direct messages to be sent. If you were lucky and the other person accepted the invitation, you had the possibility of talking about more intimate things without others knowing.

LatinChat was very popular in the 2000s. Victorio Lorandi, Vice President of StarMedia for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, told Gadgets magazine that, in 2007, the number of visitors had grown 10%, compared to 2006. Therefore they estimated that the numbers would increase by 15% the following year.

“At starMedia we are working so that, in the coming months, Latin American LatinChat users can enjoy significant improvements in the service’s functionalities, which will give us an even more attractive product,” he said.

Currently, the original page no longer exists, if you try to access you will see a message “This website cannot be accessed”. What if there are are pages of chats that are looking to hang on the success of this remembered portal, just put LatinChat in Google to see the results.

Despite the fact that the original LatinChat page was taken offline, its rival at the time refuses to disappear. We refer to The Chat.com which is still running, although it has renewed its interface and has fewer users than a few years ago.