What happened to Mayimbú after leaving television?

Many characters on the Peruvian small screen have lasted very little on television channels, one of them was Mayimbú, the traveling comedian who accompanied Carloncho on the program “Extreme Summer”.

After leaving the channel two signal, José Luis Mendoza Paucar, as the character’s real name is, had no other option to return to work on the street, as he has done since he was 4 years old.

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In this note we tell you what happened to the life of mayimbú after leaving television.

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Mayimbú also managed in a pandemic

Like many Peruvians, coronavirus prevention measures affected work on the streets of Mayimbú. The traveling comedian could no longer count on the support of the public to raise the money he needed to pay the bills. household bills.

This forced him to have to opt for the sales of chocotejas in the busiest areas of North Lima. The comedian, despite the fact that he was exposed to a possible contagion, had to continue with his new job.

Mayimbú had to get on buses daily to be able to support her mother and relatives with whom she shares a home in San Martín de Porres.

In a report on “Magaly TV, the firm“, Mayimbú acknowledged not having “saved bread for May”, but also indicated that the pandemic limited his plans.

He also revealed that he had to buy food with only 10 soles, but that he still managed to bring a plate of food home.

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How did you lose more than S/ 80,000?

Mendoza Paucar recalled along with Chino Risas during an interview that during his time at latin, his fortune amounted to 80 thousand soles. And although he thought that he would use it to set up a big business, he never materialized.

He ‘Chinese Laughter’ He mentioned that he used to advise her not to waste the money and even offered to save it. However, Mayimbú confessed that he spent all his money on “trips and paydays.”

The creator of “Mee” came completely bankrupt to the ‘Chino Risas’ show to borrow money, which went viral on TikTok.

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They found him in a disco

A video of the comedian enjoying several glasses of alcohol in a disco went viral on social networks. This was not to the liking of his followers, who harshly criticized him for continuing to waste his money after losing 80 thousand in the past.

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Mayimbú resents the “Chino Risas”

Mayimbú assured that he felt betrayed by Chino Risas and specified that he had received a juicy proposal in ATVbut that he rejected it for continuing to do shows with the comedian but that he is now determined to accept the job offer.

“They offered me money in hand, but I said no. I am faithful, but now that Chino Risas has betrayed me, I am going to accept this proposal from the ATV manager. There is no doubt that the worst enemy of a Peruvian is another Peruvian He has stabbed me”, he mentioned in an interview with the ‘Loco Pildorita’.

He also criticized the cast of “Jirón de la risa” and assured that he is better than Marcianito, “Cholo Juan” and Mostrito.