What happened to ‘Peter the Eel’, a character whose dance went viral 11 years ago?

There was a character who rose to fame with just one music video and who was being forgotten. Is about ‘Peter the Eel‘. This became known for a dance on a beach in which he made peculiar hip movements, supported by his very thin physiognomy, which amazed many people who shared the images of him. His song, which was sung at parties in those years, caused joy and lots of laughter.

Who really was ‘Peter the Eel’?

Your real name is Pedro Dayan Millan. He is a Cuban citizen born in 1994. He became famous when he was only 17 years old and, until last year, the video with which he gained fame had more than 60 million views on Youtube. The audiovisual material barely lasts 1 minute and 21 seconds and the song is called “Peter the Eel style“. After his hit that was so catchy 10 years ago, he released other songs, but they didn’t get the same impact.

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What does ‘Peter the Eel’ do now?

The islander currently lives in USA with his family, in the city of houston, and owns a barbershop. During her life, she did not have a good time, since she also confessed that she had a problem with drugs, for which she was in jail. He was even accused of domestic violence by the mother of his children, but he did not receive any punishment.

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“I was imprisoned for possession of cocaine. It was for personal use and I paid a $2,500 bail to get out. All this affected my career and personally,” he said in an interview with the Argentine portal Daily Show.