What happened to Sandra Saldaña, the singer who almost won the casting for Corazón Serrano?

Chase your dreams! serrano heart is a multifaceted musical group that has adapted to the changes that the industry has undergone throughout its 30-year history. One of the peculiar characteristics for which it has always stood out is how young its vocalists are. For example, many years ago, the band became popular because the singer Thamara Gómez was in her ranks when she was just 14 years old. In this way, he also had other members with similar ages who charmed the entire audience every weekend.

In recent years, the participants have been changing and, to get new figures, the brothers neyra warrior They did a casting on national television with the aim of finding the right talent to quickly adhere to the rhythm of the sanjuanera cumbia orchestra. One of the last contests they did to discover a new ‘jale’ was in the now-defunct program “En boca de todos”. There, Sandra Saldana and Kiara Lozano disputed the position, but only the second remained. What happened? Next, we will give you all the details.

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Who is Sandra Saldana?

Sandra Saldana She is a young singer who began her musical career at a very young age, when in 2014 she appeared on the program “La Voz Kids Perú”. In said blind audition, she performed the song “Angel”, by Robbie Williams, and turned the three coaches Anna Carinna, Kalimba and Eva Ayllón. At that time, she decided to go with the sister of María Pía Copello.

But the 23-year-old artist did not stop there and looked for the opportunity to present herself again in the same format, only now it was a contest for adults. That was how she belonged to Christian Yaipén’s team in “La Voz Perú” and, consequently, she managed to become much better known. From then on, she has only sought to continue growing in this field.

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Why didn’t Sandra Saldaña join Corazón Serrano?

At the end of 2021, the musical group Corazón Serrano launched the casting that they were going to do live in “En boca de todos”. They were looking for the new voice of the sanjuanera cumbia band. Among the participants was the singer Sandra Saldana, who already had experience in the musical field for all the contests in which he previously participated. However, her rival was Kiara Lozano, with whom she reached the final, but unfortunately it was the latter artist who won the position.

The person in charge of announcing the new ‘jale’ was the leader of the Piura orchestra, Edwin Guerrero Neira who preferred the talented Tarapotina, because she demonstrated good stage management, excellent vocal range and charisma to connect with the public.

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What does Sandra Saldaña currently do?

Singer Sandra Saldana He has not strayed from his dreams and, on the contrary, he is fighting so that he can continue in the music industry. After her participation in the casting for Corazón Serrano, the artist appeared on “La Voz Perú”, in which she was part of Christian Yaipén’s team. She went far, although she could not be crowned the best. Likewise, she has been preparing with singing and acting classes, because she wants to develop all her talent.

At the same time that she participated in singing reality shows, the young lady worked as a showgirl for Amy Gutiérrez until she became independent. For many months, she has not stopped releasing new songs like “Forgive me”, “Airplane mode”, “Versions” and others. On her official Instagram account, Shantall’s student will already reach 9,000 followers. On her personal platforms, she also promotes the concerts she gives so that her fans can attend her events. All this indicates that the young star is a great promise on the Peruvian scene.