What happened to Sebastián Tamayo and why did he appear drugged on the streets of Colombia

Sebastian Tamayo Colombian-born actor and model, he gained international notoriety by participating with Shirley Arica in the Turkish reality show El poder del amor. The presenter was also involved in an affair with the Peruvian which ended in unfortunate discussions and verbal encounters between the two.

After the end of the reality show, he returned to Bogotá to continue with his projects and spent the end of the year parties in that place. However, on December 31 last, he was involved in a worrying incident, in which They accused him of using drugs and even hallucinogenic substances.

Neighbors of the international character recorded him arriving home in a state of unconsciousness and out of his mind, a fact that quickly spread through digital platforms and generated a great deal of criticism. This situation forced the Colombian to explain what happened on his Instagram account.

What happened to Sebastián Tamayo? He said he went to a bar on New Year’s Eve and while he was there, a stranger offered him a drink. Despite the risks that could arise, he accepted the drink that had been altered with a hallucinogenic substance.

The coffee grower explained the reason for his behavior: “I went into a state of unconsciousness and hallucination. The drink had a drug called mescaline. It is like a cactus that is used for hallucinations. When I get home, I have the perception that they were robbing me, that they were chasing me ”.

The Sebastián Tamayo incident did not stop there. In addition to the effects that the substance caused on his brain, he also suffered physical injuries when he wanted to escape from the apartment he inhabited by his alleged attackers.

“I thought they were going to mug me and ran away. I was very little aware of reality. I ran out and crashed into a stopped car. I generated some cuts on my arm, “he added.

The model revealed to his followers that he now has reconstruction surgery pending due to losing part of the tendon in his left arm.

The former member of The Power of Love did not hesitate to advise his fans about the dangers that exist in Colombia and various parts of the world. From his experience, he asked Instagram users to take preventive measures to avoid cases like his.

“I want to make a call to be careful in any place, party to which they can attend. Be careful because it is not known if it could be you or a family member. What happened is very difficult. On December 31 I woke up in the clinic alone. (…) I don’t understand with what intention they gave it to me, but all this happened, ”said Sebastián Tamayo.