What happened to Sirena after leaving television for the end of “Back to the neighborhood”?

Shine all the way up! mermaid ortiz She is a Peruvian actress who quickly earned the affection of the public at a national level with her participation in the Peruvian television series “De vuelta al barrio”, in which she gave life to the character of Sara Bravo. That happened in 2017 and from that moment on she began to earn, through hard work, recognition on the streets and on social networks. It should be noted that one of the main characteristics for which the model became known was because she has a twin with whom she shares the gift of acting.

Her talent led her to internationalize, since she traveled to Mexico to record her first film. She not only crossed borders looking for a better future, but she also reached the streaming platform Netflix as part of the production of the tape. However, after the promotion of the audiovisual project that he launched, he did not hear much from her again. What are you doing now? Next, we will give you all the details of his new facet.

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Who is Sirena Ortiz?

Sirena Ortiz is a Peruvian artist who was born on August 10, 1995. Her parents, Marcos Ortiz and Guadalupe Vilela, welcomed her along with her twin, Raysa Ortiz. She debuted on television when she was very young in different commercials for different brands, although many do not remember it. In 2017, the young woman and her sister joined the cast of “Back to the neighborhood”, a space with which they achieved stardom.

However, this was not the first television series in which they participated. In an interview, both told that they had appeared as extras in “Al fondo hay sitio”: “We were in the scenes in which Nicolás is part of Joel’s (Erick Elera) ‘taxichurros’ and then as friends of Pilar (Vania Accinelli), who was with Joel (Erick Elera).“.

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What did Sirena Ortiz do after the end of “De vuelta al barrio”?

At the end of 2021, the television series “Back to the neighborhood” came to an end after spending more than four years on the open signal and, with it, the models Sirena Ortiz and Raysa Ortiz left the small screen. At that time, there were no new productions in which they could adhere, but they did not stay behind and looked for opportunities outside of Peru. Thus, Sara found new projects in Mexico and went to live there.

As is known, the Aztec country is well known for its unsurpassed novels, which have managed to captivate the public worldwide, even though many years have passed. It was there that the talented artist joined the cast of the film “the wow“, but not as a secondary character, but as the protagonist of the comedy. This is how he made it known at the beginning of November 2022: “Happy to tell you that the official trailer for my first movie ‘El guau’ is out on Netflix. What a beautiful project and with such an incredible team. I promise you’ll have a lot of fun, so don’t miss the premiere this November 23“.

The actress Sirena Ortiz went to settle in Mexico in the company of her sister Raysa Ortiz and her boyfriend, Santiago Suárez. It should be noted that the latter only spent a few weeks in the capital because he was summoned to dance in the reality show by Gisela Valcárcel, “El gran show”.

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Sirena Ortiz returned to Peru?

The world premiere of the film “the wow“, which was starred by the Peruvian actress Sirena Ortiz, was on November 23, 2022. From then on, the model has dedicated herself to promoting Mexican production through her social networks. However, she has not yet returned to be announced as the new entry of some other audiovisual project.

According to her stories on her Instagram, the talented artist has returned to Lima and is spending a splendid vacation in Paracas. In addition, she would have arrived a few weeks ago to spend time with her family. At the work level, she doesn’t know much about herself because she hasn’t said anything. Will she return to Peruvian television? We will know in a few weeks.