What happened to the life of Alex Ubago, the singer who had a heyday in Peru, but who never returned to the country?

“Without fear of anything”, “Without fear” or “A cries of hope” are some of the songs with which he is most remembered alex ubago one of the most representative Spanish singers of romantic ballads who was at the peak of his career in the early 2000s, managing to sell more than a million and a half copies of his first album worldwide when he was barely 20 years old.

“I composed that album during my time at university, when I was still living with my parents. and I remember that every time he finished a song he taught it (to his parents) playing the guitar in the living room. Within a few months, she was playing those songs for thousands of people, ”she revealed to La Vanguardia.

The artist from the Basque country has been characterized by writing songs of heartbreak. He currently maintains a marriage of more than a decade with María Alcorta, whom he married in 2011; They are parents of two small children, Pablo and Manuela. In 2021 he turned 40 and also 20 years of artistic career.

In a recent interview for the Spanish media Vanitatis, the singer Alex Ubago was asked about the time when he studied an administrative career for less than a year, but left it because it was not his passion.

“I realized that this was not what I liked. To have continued was to continue four more years with something that neither motivated nor seduced me. And above all, I’m glad because that was accompanied by the decision to devote myself one hundred percent to music and to pursue that dream. I remember that my parents, as it would have happened to others, the news hit them a bit like a bucket of cold water, but they always supported me. They told me to go for it, but that I had to train,” said Ubago.

His passion for music began in his childhood and at the age of 12 he began to learn to play the guitar, piano and receive singing lessons. He also began to compose his own melodies. “Luckily it went well and I fulfilled my dream. That decision changed my life, ”he specified to Vanitatis.

Although romantic ballads are part of the artist’s identity and it is the genre that catapulted him to fame, he is now aware of which genres are at the top of the industry.

“At the end of February I will release a new single that is an unreleased song, after a couple of singles that I have been in, as you say, experimenting with different and more urban sounds, with which I return to the usual Álex. It’s a ballad, with my usual style, with a somewhat more modern sound”, revealed the Spanish singer, with the single called “Si tú te vas” with Mike Bahía.

Likewise, he was working on a new album that commemorates his two decades of musical career, and for this reason, he decided to re-record 18 of his songs. Each of these themes will feature the collaboration of 18 local and foreign artists. One of the most popular was “A Critos de Esperanza” with Reik’s vocalist, Jesús Navarro.

Alex Ubago composes his own lyrics and also for different stars. One of them is Ana Guerra, who became known in the 2017 Operación Triunfo program. Both created a song for her new album.

“I have composed for other artists and with other artists. It is something that I love. Even for some that have little or nothing to do with the style of music that I make. It amuses me to get out of my comfort zone and make another type of song” he expressed to Vanitatis.

The Spanish singer will be part of the group of artists who will sing to love on February 14. Reik, Camila, Kalimba, Ezio Oliva and Alex Ubago will be part of the first international event this year to be held at the Pelousse of the Jockey Club of Peru, and will have all the security protocols.

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