What happened to the life of Jorge Pardo, the Peruvian who triumphed in Viña del Mar 2005 despite the boos in Chile

Jorge Pardo is one of the Peruvian singers who has triumphed in the history of the Viña del Mar Festival. He achieved international fame in 2005, thanks to his song “My soul between your hands”, with which he managed to win two silver seagulls and captivate to the jury despite the boos it received from the Chilean public. At that time, it was considered a pride for Peru.

However, for several years, he stayed away from the national media and his name has stopped ringing more strongly in the entertainment world. In this note we tell you what happened to the Peruvian winner’s life, what he does now and what his new appearance looks like.

In 2007, Jorge Pardo was nominated for the first time for the Latin Grammy Awards in the category of best rock song for his song “One day does not begin again.” In 2011, fIt was announced in the category of best folk album for its album Peruvian traditional music in tribute to the Creole singer Arturo Zambo Cavero and Oscar Avilés.

In 2017, the Peruvian singer participated in the White Nights – International Music Festival, which took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There, he was as a representative of Peru with the theme that led him to be nominated for a Latin Grammy.

In 2014, it was also featured at the XIX Tumi USA Award, which was held in Miami. In 2018, he was invited to the Andrea Parodi World Music Awards in Italy.

In 2019, he was part of the XIII Elia Rosa International Prize, in the City of Naples, where He received recognition as a singer-songwriter and representative of Peruvian music.

Jorge Pardo continues to dedicate himself to music. A few days ago, he announced the launch of his new song “Message to love” through social networks, and he has also promoted his face-to-face shows in Lima and outside of Peru.

He has bowed to Neo-Creole musical genre. Among his most recent songs are: “El vino” and “Sueño estelar”, which are available on Spotify and on music platforms.

Jorge Pardo sports a renewed appearance in his Instagram photos. Now, he has grown a beard and mustache. She wears glasses, black coats and silver jewelry that go according to the elegant look she shows when going on stage.