What happened to the life of Kevin Alberca, the boy who paid tribute to Chespirito when he arrived in Peru?

In 2008, the remembered actor Roberto Gomez Bolanos He arrived in Peru for the second time with his inseparable wife, Florinda Meza, to present a new play. Every time they set foot in the country, Mexicans were honored in all the programs they attended, and one of them was at the house of América Televisión.

The figures were delighted with a memorable show preceded by the young musician Kevin Pool who sang a couple of rancheras before a group of children dressed as Doña Florinda Popis and Professor Jirafales entered.

However, it was the young musician who dazzled the show, and his performance made Chespirito sob. Also, Kevin gave a gift to the actress. “On behalf of the entire Peruvian family, a memory,” he said, and gave her a set of earrings and a huayruros necklace.

“Thank you infinite, they are crying like me. I can guarantee that here (Peru) we have been received much nicer than anywhere else, including Mexico. and I don’t care what is said everywhere. Mexico and Peru are the countries that have a great advantage in all of America”, expressed Roberto Gómez Bolaños excitedly.

Kevin Alberca discovered his passion for singing at the tender age of 4. He participated in the program “María Pía y Timoteo” and, by winning a contest, he got his pass to the reality show “Internationally famous code” of Televisa, as representative of Peru, with only 12 years.

“And as my dad always told me, in any contest one has to be simple, humble; and now I am learning what he taught me”, commented the musician from Chiclayo at that time.

Another of the reality shows in which he also stood out and won was the extinct program “Risas de América”, under the leadership of Mariella Zanetti and Edwin Sierra.

Currently, the Chiclayo singer Kevin Alberca Alarcón continues to focus on music and now has his own orchestra called Aventura Musical.

“On April 25, 2015 Musical Adventure was born. It’s 7 years of music, delivery, bringing joy, love and always providing the best for our Peru. Thanks to everyone who is part of the family. We thank you for your unconditional love and support,” Kevin wrote on his Instagram account.

In 2020 he showed his culinary venture “El rico cuy”, in which he sold one of the typical stews of the north: the chactado guinea pig. This was a way of reinventing itself, because, as it is remembered, the music industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Likewise, he is also active on TikTok, a platform on which he has almost 1,000 followers, and publishes the various events in which he is hired. Along the same lines, he remains connected to the world of entertainment, having interviewed figures such as Mayra Goñi and Sebastián Lizarzaburu in a digital program.