What happened to the life of Krayg Peña, Korina Rivadeneira’s ex-boyfriend and Combate participant?

Throughout its more than 15 seasons, Combate and Esto es guerra have hosted various characters on their respective sets: some artists, and other Peruvian actors and influencers. Likewise, they have had many foreign figures who, after their debut in these programs, have made their leap to fame and have followed their path with their own name.

On the other hand, there are those who, after their appearance in sports competitions, have taken a low profile, but continue to focus on what they are passionate about.

Such is the case of Krayg Peña, a Venezuelan influencer who appeared on both programs, Combate and Esto es guerra, in 2015 and 2017, and who had a high-profile relationship with reality girl Korina Rivadeneira, now Mario Hart’s partner.

Krayg Peña became known in the Internet world thanks to his constant publications about his adventurous lifestyle, as he loves to travel and practice water sports.

In this note, we remember the most controversial events of Krayg Peña during his stay in Peru as a reality boy. He also knows what the influencer who has more than 435,000 followers on Instagram is currently doing.

The reality girl began a romantic relationship with Krayg Peña in 2013. Both came to participate in the ATV program Combate during their courtship.

However, the Venezuelan couple had more lows than highs in their romance, and after several conflicts and love breaks, Korina Rivadeneira and Krayg Peña decided to put a definitive end to their relationship in 2016.

Three months after their breakup, Korina entered the America TV reality show, This is War.

A year later, in 2017, the Venezuelan model entered Esto es guerra as one of the new highlights of the program for the summer season and surprised his ex-girlfriend Korina and Mario Hart, who at that time were being romantically linked, after having been captured in a disco by the cameras of a show program.

After the return of Krayg Peña to Esto es guerra, as the replacement for Facundo González, a confrontation broke out in the space of América TV. Mario Hart was unhappy with the presence of the Venezuelan model in the program and let him know. Moments later, Korina Rivadeneira withdrew from the set because she ended up quite affected by the brawl between her now husband and her ex-partner.

Mario Irivarren had to intervene in the conflict and decided to exchange shirts with Krayg Peña, so that he did not share ranks with the car racer, who belonged to the ‘cobras’ team like Facundo González, who was to be replaced by Pain.

In 2018, in a new season, This is War changed its competition format and teams were divided between ‘warriors’ and ‘combatants’. Diego Chávarri was part of the first and Krayg Peña of the other side. Although they belonged to the same program, harmony did not prevail between them.

The pair of competitors had several confrontations, but one that was undoubtedly the most controversial was the one in which both almost got out of hand.

As they finished a competition circuit, Krayg beat the former footballer and rang the bell before him. Melissa Klug’s ex-partner ran after him at full speed and ended up pushing him. Faced with this, Peña did not hesitate to react and hit him back, increasing the conflict.

Their companions had to approach to separate them, and thus avoid that both hit each other.

Now, the former reality guy looks better than ever on social media. Since his departure from television programs, the 33-year-old has dedicated himself to traveling and documenting his journey through the tourist attractions of the countries he visits.

In addition, Korina Rivadeneira’s ex-partner is an audiovisual creator and often posts elaborate montages on stages that feature him as the main character.

The influencer always showed his passion for photography and, because of this, he has an account on Instagram where he only shares third-party snapshots, all taken by him. Among the postcards in this profile are Ivana Yturbe, Macarena Vélez and Fabio Agostini.

Peña continues to have fans who follow him since his time in Combate, and they wish him the best in his next projects and also ask him to return to Peru.