What happened to Valeria Piazza’s father and why did her stepfather take her to the altar? [VIDEO]

The model and show host Valeria Piazza married Pierre Cateriano on November 19 at a wedding where show business characters such as Tula Rodríguez and Ethel Pozo could not be missing, with the exception of their father, being led down the aisle by her stepfather. What happened so that he was not present at the celebration? Here, we tell you the details.

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Valeria Piazza: What happened to your father not being present at your wedding?

In 2016, after being crowned as “Miss Peru”the model Valeria Piazza She confessed to her followers that her father was not present accompanying her at important moments in her life because he died when she was 10 years old, being raised by her mother, until she fell in love again and her stepfather was a fundamental part of her upbringing.

His father was from Italy, which is why his last name is Piazza. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident, a fact that affected the model for a long time, but she began to understand that she had to continue and fulfill her dreams. Valeria Piazza revealed that since she was a child she knew that she would be a beauty queen.

“My dad told me that when I grow up I would be a beauty queen. He died when I was 10 years old in a car accident… I can’t imagine what his face would be like now if he saw me as a beauty queen, because he wasn’t wrong, now I’m Miss Peru,” the model confessed that year. Valeria Piazza.

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Valeria Piazza: How did your stepfather react when he found out he was going to walk you down the aisle?

Before her marriage, the model Valeria Piazza He used his Instagram account to make public an emotional moment with his stepfather. It would be the moment when the driver of America TV She asked her stepfather to be the one to walk her arm down the aisle on her wedding day, since she could not have her father present.

This family moment was also shared by Valeria Piazza’s husband, Pierre Cateriano, who appreciated the presence of “Chava” in the life of his partner. “Growing up with a person full of kindness and values ​​has brought many positive qualities to Valeria today”, was part of Pierre’s message.