What happens to your body when you drink cola

The Cola drink It is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Originally formulated for medicinal purposes, it was later converted into a highly consumed carbonated beverage.

Its consumption is associated with several negative effects for Health, mainly because of its large amount of sugar and caffeine. The effects of drinking it in the long term can be, among others, the increased risk of suffering from chronic diseases and even the risk of premature death.

Here we will talk about what happens to your body after drinking a Cola drink just in one hour. Look!

10 minutes: 10 tablespoons of sugar. A can of cola is equal to 10 tablespoons of sugar or 39 grams. In any other context, you’d throw it up, but the phosphoric acid neutralizes the sweet taste and allows you to drink it without having to throw it up. Healthy levels of sugar per day, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization Health (WHO) are at no more than 6 teaspoons a day.

20 minutes: marked increase in blood glucose. This causes a huge secretion of insulin. In addition, the sugars that the body cannot digest are transformed into fat, so there is a greater risk of obesity and overweight.

40 minutes: full absorption of caffeine. Think that every 20 ml of Cola drink there is 57 mg of caffeine, which contributes negatively to rest and falling asleep.

45 minutes: more dopamine. Due to the large amount of sugar, large amounts of dopamine are released, which stimulates the person to seek the same experience or substance again in an addictive way.

1 hour: the urinary secretion of calcium is notoriously accelerated due, once again, to the high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

And you, did you know all this information?