What has become of Gisela Ponce de León’s life and what role did she have in Al fondo hay lugar

The successful Peruvian television series, “Al fondo hay lugar” is once again leading in ratings in its ninth season, which many expected. Thus, although he was off the screen for six years, many still remember the actors who were part of this success on American television. That is why today The popular we will remember the passage of Gisela Ponce de Leon.

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What role did Gisela Ponce de León have in Al fondo hay lugar?

Undoubtedly Gisela Ponce de Leon has the gift of interpreting each of her characters with absolute passion, so with the arrival of the actress in the successful series of There is room in the backgroundhe was able to quickly win the affection of all his followers.

The first appearance of the actress It was at the funeral of Grace Gonzales, who died suddenly due to an accident, so while the Gonzales and Nicolás de las Casas mourned her departure, a mysterious young woman could be seen who was also in the cemetery.

As the chapters pass, the role of Gisela Ponce de Leon had the name of Ariana Romerowho was the psychologist of Nicolás de las Casas, since after the death of Charito’s daughter, the popular Ricolas had to need help to overcome his departure, without imagining that he would end up in love with his psychologist.

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Gisela Ponce de León after her participation in Al fondo hay lugar

Gisela Ponce de Leon is a Peruvian actress and singer who played Mirkala in the popular TV show Esta Sociedad. She is also known for her work on stage, having appeared in the musicals Cabaret, La Cage aux Folles, Next to Normal, Hairspray, and Our Town.

Thus, after his short stint in There is room in the background, the beloved artist, continued with her acting career. Today ponce de leon is being part of a play called “La mariscala, el musical”.