What has become of the life of Fiorella Pennano and what role did he play in Al fondo hay Sitio

The series To the bottom there is site returns this 2022 to the television screens with a ninth season after many years of absence, specifically 8 years, so many are waiting to know which characters from previous years will return.

At the moment it is known that there is room in the background, he returns with Yvonne Frayssinet (Madame), Adolfo Chuimán (Peter), Madgyel Ugaz (La Teresita), Erick Elera (Joel González), Gustavo Bueno (Don Guillermo), Lazlo Kovacs (Tito) and David Almandoz (Pepe). Although many already want the new episodes, the truth is that we will not see Mónica Sánchez (Charito), Mayra Couto (Grace), Andrés Wiese (Nicolás) and Nataniel Sánchez (Fernanda).

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For this reason, some followers have wondered what will have happened to the lives of the other actors after their passage through Al fondo hay sito, such as that of the actress Fiorella Pennano, who was part of the cast in 2016. That is why in El Popular we tell you a little more about her.

Fiorella Pennano in Al Fondo Hay Sitio

Actress Fiorella Pennano had a short role in Al Fondo Hay Sitio, where she played Almudena. She joined the cast to be part of a love triangle Fernanda (Nataniel Sánchez) and Camilo (José Dammert).

During one of the episodes, Almudena, fed up with Camilo’s lies, looks for Fernanda to tell her that he was a Casanova and had been with both of them; however, they did not believe him.

In the same series, Almudena surprised Miguel Ignacio when on some occasion she told him that she was attracted to him. It happened after he had a heart attack. The young woman’s confession revitalized Fernanda de las Casas’s father.

What is the life of Fiorella Pennano?

After her short participation in Al Fondo Hay Sitio, actress Fiorella Pennano made a name for herself in theater, film and television. In 2017, she participated in “Come dance quinceañera all for fame, who played the character of“ Ugly Duckling ”. While in 2020 he left his prejudices with television with his character Sofía in “Los Vílchez 2”.

In the cinema, the actress Fiorella Pennano participated in the film Maligno with the role Luciana and alongside Gino Pesaressi. It should be noted that the most recent in which she has participated is in the film Larga Distancia that will be released on January 20 with her role as Nina.

“I put a screenshot of some good posts from @largadistanciafilm about #nia when I read that the character was called like that I died of cool hehe I want you to know her, here with a half awkward face #Estreno # 20deEnero #Largadistancia #film #cine # peru director @cchiarof, “he wrote on his Instagram account.