What has happened to the life of Fiorella Florez and how was his admission to ‘Las Vengadoras’

The Peruvian model and actress Fiorella Florez became known for her appearances on the small screen such as when she was part of the team of “The Avengers” and her roles in her acting career in hit series such as “Asi es la Vida”, “Los Barriga” and “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”.

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However, on television lately he has not seen much, in this note we will tell you a little about his journey in the spotlight and his life.

Fiorella Flores and her role in acting

The first role that Fiorella Flores ventured in 2006 televsion was in the successful series of Así es la La Vida interpreting Claudia Ganoza. Then two later he enters the cast of the series Los del barrio (2008) as Linda Sánchez. In that same year another project followed in Chico de mi barrio (2010) as Bárbara and Hasta las estrellas (2010) as Mayra.

Among the productions that participated was En Al Fondo hay Sitio (2011) with the role of or Raquel and in 2014 with another character named Débora Ordinola. Also, after the years and collaborated in the performance in series such as Corazón de Fuego (2012), La Faraona (2012), Mi Amor, el Wachiman (2012), Los amores de Polo (2013), Pensión Soto (2017) and De Return to the Neighborhood (2020). He also acted on the big screen with productions such as Extirpador de idolatrías (2014).

Fiorella Flores in Habcilar

Las Vengoras was not his first experience as a model (2007-2018), it was part of the models who work closely with Raul Romero in the “Habacilar” program where beautiful women passed by who currently have already earned a name in the field of entertainment. .

Fiorella Flores and her entry to “The Avengers”

“Las Vengadoras” at the time gave the hour for the sensuality that these models spread in their shows. The team included Tilsa Lozano,, Maricris Rubio, Jazmin Pinedo and Fiorella Flores, who joined this team in 2013 as a new addition.

At the time, she was aware of a separation from the “Avengers” but she immediately denied that she felt the opposite, happy and grateful to continue in that project.

“They are rumors, the truth is not all right. What happens, there are four of us and sometimes one of us cannot assume a presentation, so two are very few, the ideal is that there are at least three (…) It feels good to me, it is like a bonus for me, I can continue modeling with the Girls, as long as you let me do theater, I’m happy, “said the model to the Latin Spectacles program in a note.