What has made Alex Béjar fall in love at first sight in Peru?: “It gives me such an orgasm”

The Spanish actress has conquered viewers by playing Laiathe lover of Christopher Montalvan in “In the background there is room.” Her character has allowed her to win the love of fans of the series in a very short time.

Since her stay in the country, the actress has shared her experience in Peru with her followers, which is why she reported having fallen in love at first sight for something special.

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What is it about? In the following lines we tell you.

Alex Béjar was “arrowed” in Peru and reveals it to his fans

The actress, a native of Madrid, Spain, made a video to explain that she is obsessed and there is not a day that she does not stop trying a product that has become her favorite.

“I don’t know how to say this because it is very strong and it is something that has never happened to me. I didn’t know that I couldFall in love at first sight and it is something that I did not contemplate in my life. Since I arrived here in PeruI have not told you, I have fallen in love. And it has been an absolute crush. I’m telling it because I want to be honest with you and because you deserve it,” Alex revealed in a clip for YouTube.

Alex Bejar She said that since she arrived in Peru, she has fallen completely in love with some delicious pastries with creamy filling, to the point that she ‘produces an orgasm‘.

“I am going to tell you who has stolen my heart and it starts with “p”. Before you say, no, it’s not Piero. We get serious, they are the penguins. This is what has stolen my heart, heart and everything. This is the love of my life, okay? Since I got here I’m in love with this, it gives me such an orgasm!” she added.

Said chocolate is a Mexican brand product with international presence, and already has almost six decades in the Latin American market.

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Alex Béjar was part of the series ‘Elite’ Netflix

In 2018 the young actress appeared in the famous series “Elite” from Netflix, although with a minor role, Alex has gained experience and made his name sound more and more.

He has also starred in the film “A retreat to fall in love”where he shared a role with the young Peruvians Merly Morello, Andrea Luna among other actors.

“I want you to meet a girl who loves to act, who loves to see new countries and who wants to conquer the world. I love being given constructive criticism because I want to improve. Anything you see in that area, I would like you to tell me, ”said the actress before the premiere of the film.}