What have been the concerts at the San Marcos Stadium that had technical failures?

Last Thursday, May 25, the great concert by Juan Luis Guerra took place. Despite the great reception by the public, this show was added to the list of shows in the Stadium of the Mayor University of San Marcos that had technical failures.

Through social networks, the Peruvian followers of the Dominican reported several damages in the sound, reaching the point of having to interrupt the presentation due to these audio errors. Therefore, in this note we made a list of the last concerts that have presented technical failures. Did you go to any of them?

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What happened at the Juan Luis Guerra concert?

Last Thursday night, Juan Luis Guerra opened his concert at the St. Mark’s Stadium as part of his international tour “Entre Mar y Palmeras”. According to several TikTok videos, the first damage occurred when the Dominican sang his song “Bachata Rosa”.

Even Alexandra Mendezthe popular ‘Chama’ who attended the event and recorded the moment when the artist runs out of sound and nothing can be heard.

The second time was while he was playing the mix of “Visa para un sueño” and “El costo de la vida”. The interpreter had to calm down the spectators and apologize to them for the longest time.

“The technician says that it is a fiber optic cable that has been damaged twice. But… we have the most beautiful audience, applause!” Guerra exclaimed to the crowd.

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Fallas at the Reggaeton Lima Festival

Just five days before, on Saturday May 20, the Reggaetón Lima Festival 2023 was held in the same stadium. However, far from enchanting all attendees with legendary figures of the urban genregenerated the disgust of all who expected to dance and enjoy the music of the artists.

And it is that the Peruvians reported the delay in the start of the concert, the overselling of tickets and problems with the audio. Even the artists themselves expressed their annoyance with the production of the event on stage.

“Give me a second, the sound is failing and I can’t go in like this for the Peru show, I can’t, more respect. Excuse me, Peru, we are going to fix this, ”said the singer Lunay in the middle of the stage before the constant technical failures.

There were so many complaints about the problems in the event that the indecopi opened an investigation against lifemusic entertainmentthe company organizing the concert, to verify that it complied with everything offered to the attendees.

All this, then, not only were the faults during the festival, but the historic reggaetonera Ivy Queen and the artist Lunay did not appear at the concert.

“As for Ivy Queen, her participation did not take place because her staff considered that after the mishap there were not enough guarantees to make her presentation,” the company said in an official statement.

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What other events at the Estadio San Marcos have had problems?

Although they were not technical failures, there are two more events that have grabbed headlines due to some problems that arose before or during their presentation dates.

For example, a few hours from the concert of the Team 5 in the great San Marcos Stadium, Teleticket announced that the parking service for attendees had been canceled “for internal reasons of force majeure.” Even the company in charge of ticket sales stated that it had no responsibility for the negligence presented.

The other concert that was questioned was the festival The Great II which was held on April 15 at the Olympic venue. Despite the fact that there were no technical mishaps, what drew attention was that a large part of the stadium was empty.

One of the attendees published a video that showed the area of ​​the stands and the east completely free, while in the areas that were closest to the stage it had a few dozen fans.