What is ‘Max Barrios’, the Ecuadorian who played a youth South American for Peru at the age of 25?

In 2013, many fans had high expectations due to the outstanding participation that the Peruvian team had in the South American U-20, a team that had Jean Deza, Renato Tapia, Edison Flores, Cristian Benavente, Hernán Hinostroza, Miguel Araujo as figures. , among others. One of the players that stood out was ‘Max Barrios‘, who was later discovered to have stolen his identity.

Your real name is Juan Carlos Espinoza Market and at that time he was 25 years old; however, he posed as a Peruvian and as one of the sons of Ángel ‘Maradona’ Barrios. During his participation in the youth South American, a soccer player from the Ecuadorian team (Jonny Uchuari) recognized him —because they had played in the Loja League— and accused that he was not a Peruvian national and was not of the age he claimed (19).

After this, he fell off the radar until, a couple of years later, it was learned that he was in club italy of his country and then returned to the League of Loja between 2015 and 2016, with which he even participated in the Copa Sudamericana. After that, he went through Bold Octubrine Y CD Macara B to later return to the LDU of Loja in 2018.

Currently, the center-back is 35 years old and the last thing that was known about him, according to Transfermarkt, is that he played in the Loja League. However, the club disappeared on June 14, 2022 due to financial problems; after this, there is no record if he found equipment.