What is Renzo Costa and why did his romance with Brunella Horna end 5 years ago?

Renzo Costa He is one of the most internationally recognized Peruvian businessmen. Called the ‘King of Leather’, he has achieved success in the fashion industry. However, a few years ago he made his leap into show business after confirming his relationship with the influencer Brunella Horna, who at that time was participating in the “Bienvenida la tarde” program.

Renzo Costa He is a Peruvian businessman, owner of the brand that bears the same name, which is dedicated to making various leather items.

Although many believe that the brand Renzo Costa It is only dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and accessories, the reality is that in 2019 the businessman decided to venture into the sale of chocolates.

Happy and excited for this first step. Opening of the first chocolate shop. The second is coming in a month. Thanks to all my great team,” she wrote on his Instagram post.

After ending his romance with ‘Baby Brune’, Costa moved away from television and has been 100% occupied with the family business. However, he is also dedicated to visiting cities around the world, so he shares it on his social networks.

Although the age difference was quite noticeable, Brunella Horna Y Renzo Costa They were a couple for four years and were shaping up to be one of the longest-lasting relationships on the national show. Against all odds, in February 2017, they announced the end of their romance amid speculation about the reasons for the breakup.

“Renzo is an amazing person, but we were definitely shocked by age. I tried to understand and tried to think that I was not going to crash and he did the same. But in such small things it does affect us. Both at work, in the nightlife,” said the host of “America Today.”

The bond between the businessman and the model was classified as one of the most toxic because Brunella came out crying live on several occasions because of the problems they had in their relationship. Even the former reality girl confessed that, after the end of her sentimental bond, she had a hard time opening her heart again.

“I am going to tell you the truth and I am going to give you advice. I cried, I suffered. Actually, I had a bad time because it was public embarrassment. But do you know what is best? I made my stores. So, from the bad, in the end something good will come. Don’t suffer anymore, throw away the unhappy man”, explained Brunella.