What is the age difference between Malú de la Vega and the comedian Pepino? Are they really a couple?

The newcomer to the cast of JB on ATVs who came to the humorous program to replace Dayanita, Pepino, was supported by the cameras of “Magaly Tv: the firm“. The ‘urracos’ followed the comedian when he went to a nightclub in San Juan de Lurigancho.

In that place, kille gonzalez rodriguez, the comedian’s real name, was found kissing passionately with the former star Malú de la Vega. Few know about the age difference between the show business.

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Is Pepino older or younger than Malú de la Vega?

The member of “JB en ATV” originally from Iquitos is 33 years old. In addition, he is studying the career of Theater Pedagogy and Actor Training. That being the case, for now he has decided to focus on his professional goals.

On the other hand, malu de la vega He would have already turned 40. The exvedette from Iquita has two twin daughters who came into the world when she was only 17 years old.

With a subtraction operation we can reach the conclusion that Malú is approximately 7 years older than the comic.

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Are Pepino and Malú de la Vega a couple?

After the shelter of malu and Pepino in passionate kisses in the back of a car parked in front of a nightclub in San Juan de Lurigancho. Then, the former vedette entered the disco followed by the comedian, who grabbed her by the waist and kissed her.

So far, the only one who has come out to refer to the images of the ‘chapes’ with the comedian was the dancer. “Listening to my favorite song” is read in the tiktok published by the former vedette. To the video she added the famous phrase that the member of “JB en ATV” uses in her sketches: “Un juavor váyanse a la gran pocta”.

The audio of the video that Malú shared comes from a tiktok uploaded by The House of Comedy where Pepino himself sings one of the verses from “Que se vaya” from Los Claveles de la cumbia.

“He used me, he abandoned me and he left me alone,” sings the comedian in his staging with Danny Rosales.

Unlike the former vedette, Pepino has not used his social networks or to make any reference to the ampay that he starred in this Friday, June 9, in the Magaly Medina program. Therefore, it cannot be concluded whether or not they are a couple, but everything would indicate that they have a fairly close relationship.

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Why wouldn’t Pepino like to have children?

In a recent conversation with a local media outlet, the comedian ruled out having children among his wishes. However, he explained that he would like to share his experiences as the “great teachers”.

“I am 33 years old and I would like to share my experiences with a very close person as I have seen in other great teachers. I do not like the stereotypes that are marked in society. I try to be unique, live differently,” he told La República.

The street artist reflected on the Jorge Benavides program on the situation of his fellow street comedians. “In Peru, art is as if it were the last thing. A traveling comedian is a nobody and they look at him as the worst thing or a stray. If they see someone doing theater in the street, that person is below anyone. That It has to change,” he said.