What is the IP address of your PC or phone and what is it for? here the answer

Today, when a smartphone or PC connects to a router and access the internet, they are assigned a certain IP adress automatically. However, few users are aware of this and, therefore, are unaware of what this element consists of. Were you asked for it to perform a configuration or to receive support from your Internet provider? In this note we tell you what it is and what it is for.

It is normal that you have seen or heard about the term in recent years, but not everyone has experience around it. IP refers to “Internet Protocol”(or Internet Protocol), so it is a number that identifies a network interface of a device that uses that system.

What is an IP address?

When you perform the action of browsing a web page, your device that accesses the network through the router has an IP address. It is possible to understand said element as an identification for the connected parties. That way, the internet can tell them apart, whether it’s a PC, modem, smartphone, tablet, and more.

There is no computer that can access the internet without having an IP. In fact, when entering the address of a page in the search engine, those letters are transformed into the code in question to be able to view the contents of a website and interact.

The addresses are made up of four blocks of numbers of up to three digits and are separated by a period. The values ​​can be between 0 and 255. In this sense, an IP can have the format “AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD”, where each block will be made up of a maximum of three figures, which should not necessarily be completed. Some IPs you will find may be “” or “”, For example.

Said hierarchy when assigning an IP is essential to understand the location that each user will have on the Internet, because a certain device can be located with its address.