What is the life of Ada Chura, singer who revolutionized tecnocumbia in Peru

Who has not sung loudly “Crying your departure”? The incredible success that singer Ada Chura achieved during the 90’s made her a tecnocumbia icon along with his companions Rossy War and ruth karina, the same ones that made the public dance in each of their presentations. What is now known about Ada Chura?

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Ada Chura: What is the life of the tecnocumbia singer?

Singer Ada Chura he left the stage with the arrival of the pandemic, but in an interview with Radio Nacional he confessed that he reinvented himself by creating an internet radio station which he called “Ada and her friends”. Although she likes contact with people, she is confident that “if you get used to it, you can transmit on camera,” she said.

Since the concerts were reactivated, the singer Ada Chura has returned little by little to the stage, because its public reach is not the same as it was in its best times, because although it continues to gather a good amount of public, its presentations are no longer so consecutive.

Also, Ada Chura She also takes the opportunity to perform shows with her friends and colleagues of the same gender as Rossy War and Ruth Karinasupporting each other to keep their music current, traveling wherever they are requested.