What is the meaning of the 8 stars of the Venezuelan flag?

On April 19, 1810, Venezuela began the path towards independence from the Spanish Empire after the dismissal of the governor by an assembly in the council of caracas and gave way to the Supreme Board, which was the first autonomous institution in the country, but it was not until July 5, 1811 that freedom was made official. From this time, the flag was established with the characteristic yellow, blue and red colors.

The Venezuelan flag initially had seven stars, due to the provinces that accepted and declared independence in the llanero country: Margarita, Cumana, Barcelona, ​​Barinas, Merida, Trujillo and Caracas. When Simón Bolívar arrived in the country in 1816 —during the expedition to the Keys to resume the fight against the Spanish Army—, he adopted this flag in order to support the cause of liberation.

How many stars does the Venezuelan flag have?

In 2006, the president Hugo Chavez insisted, during the celebration of the Flag Day in Venezuela, in adding an eighth star that was ordered, according to the former president, by the liberator Simon Bolivar in 1817 after the emancipation of the province of Angostura during the war of independence from the Spanish Crown.

“To the seven stars that the National Flag of Venezuela bears, one will be added as an emblem of the province of Guayana, so that the number of stars will be eight from now on,” the liberator reportedly wrote.

Likewise, it also made other modifications: the national emblem of Venezuela will no longer have the white horse looking to the right with its head turned back: now it gallops to the left and looking forward. In this regard, the Venezuelan president publicly admitted that this change was due to a request from his 7-year-old daughter.

What do the colors of the Venezuelan flag mean?

In the tricolor flag, yellow represents the land wealth and the natural resources; blue, the two oceans that surround the country (the Caribbean and Pacific) and the freedom after independence; and the red, the spilled blood for my country.

What are the national symbols of Venezuela?

In Venezuela, the national symbols are the national flag, the national anthem and the coat of arms of the Bolivarian Republic.