What is the name of Juan Luis Guerra’s song with Gian Marco and what is the story behind it?

After Gian Marco Zignago announced that he is recovering from the cancer operation that it was detected in time, his music friends spoke on their social networks to ask for his speedy recovery and invite his fans to raise their prayers for the Peruvian’s health.

One of them was Juan Luis Guerra who during his concert referred to the singer and stopped everything to dedicate the song to him “For you” along with some words that were received with affection and admiration by the public.

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“I have a friend, whom I appreciate very much. And I want to sing to him, dedicate this song to him and tell him that the king of kings is a healer. Nothing is impossible for him,” he said. Juan Luis Guerra.

Despite the beautiful message of overcoming that is celebrated in this song, it is not a song that has been performed by both. However, there is a song where the two great performers collaborate.

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What is the name of Gian Marco’s song with Juan Luis Guerra?

It was 2011, when Gian Marco released his album “Días Nuevos”. An album made up of eleven songs, including the ‘featuring’ between the Peruvian and Juan Luis Guerra, “Tell me where“.

A song that tells how one lives during the absence of a loved one and the questions one asks throughout life.

“Where do the illusions that flourished one winter between a child and his accordion go? Where do disappointments go, after tearing out the soul and splitting life in two? Tell me where dreams go, after decorating the night. Without leaving you an explanation “, is heard in the song.

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What is the story behind “Tell me where”?

friendship between gianmarco and Juan Luis Guerra have been working together for several years. And it is that the Peruvian always felt great admiration for the Dominican’s career. Finally, in 2009 they managed to meet in Lima during a concert.

Thus, in April of this year it was the representative of Peruvian music himself who revealed what it was like the day he recorded “Dime where” with Juan Luis Guerra.

“For some years we had a great friendship and we had shared the stage on different occasions, but one of my dreams was to record with him. I invited him to lunch at home one day before his concert and on the table I took the guitar and told him: ‘I have a dream… I would like to invite you to sing this song with me’”, read Gian Marco’s post.

“After interpreting it, I listened attentively to the voice of #JuanLuis saying that he would do it with all pleasure. That day we went down to the studio that I had in the basement of my house… I gave him a Charango, thanking him with all my heart for agreeing to record on the new album. ‘Tell me where’ talks about those internal questions that we all ask ourselves on the path of life, ”he added on his social network.

Juan Luis Guerra did not hesitate to respond to the words of the interpreter of “Sácala a bailar” and expressed how happy he feels to have a friendship with Gian Marco.

“Dear Gianmarco, thank you for this precious memory! Always happy to share with you and your beautiful songs!! A big hug, friend!!”, commented the Dominican.