What is the new facet of Joao Castillo after leaving behind his career as a comic actor?

Joao Castillo and his departure from “JB en ATV”, in July 2022, is something that fans of the Jorge Benavides program continue to demand. In particular, in the sketch of the “Casting of Tía Gloria”, in which his laughter stood out along with the spark of Dayanita, with whom there was speculation about a certain flirtation. Off the screens, the comedian decided to start an artisanal pisco business, which he himself delivered at home. On the other hand, his most recent activity on TikTok is a video he recorded with Jhonny Portela —What an avocado on! (tiktoker with 481,400 followers)—. In addition, since March 15, 2023, the former member of “El wasap de JB” launched a new facet on YouTube.

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What is the new facet of Joao Castillo?

Joao Adriano Castillo, 41, launched himself as a co-host and interviewer for “To Cachay with Sara”replacing José Luis Cachay, 63, who hosted the program along with Sara Manrique.

The ‘Negro Cachay’, as he is also called, withdrew from his podcast on YouTube to join the “Jirón del humor”, the new space for Latina. This program is led by Alcy Nivim Pacheco, the popular Chino Risas, along with his troupe of street comedians: Yersson Espinoza (Chanchito Jr.), Víctor Astete (Cholo Víctor), Luis Campos (Jhonny Carpincho), brother of the late Miguel Ángel Campos (La Bibi), as well as Adolfo Carrión (Felupidini), Michael ‘Pato’ Ovalle and Dorita Orbegoso. Its premiere was on April 15 and had as guests Jonathan Rojas, singer of Zona Libre, and Susan Cristán, the popular Chola Puca.

On the other hand, in the debut as a duo of Sara Manrique, Joao Castillo interviewed Naamin Timoyco, the first trans vedette recognized as a woman before Reniec. One of the best reviews she received was that she, unlike Cachay, does not constantly interrupt the interviewee.

Until now, Joao Adriano Castillo has had the opportunity to interview the dancer Aixa Serapion, former member of Las Matadoras along with Dorita Orbegoso and Lucía Trigoso; the entertainer Erika Luz Palomino, known as ‘Paloma de la Guaracha’; Cindy Marino, former dancer of Bella Bella and model of “El cartel del humor”; and the sports journalist Alan Ten.

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Joao Castillo criticized by fans of “A Cachay con Sara”?

Although Cachay’s interviewing style was criticized, Joao Castillo as his replacement has not fared any different either. “No problem. Sara Manrique, if you want to lift the program, call Kike Suero and change his name to ‘Suero pa’ Sara’”recommended a follower.

“A little help with the script for Joao Castillo to make some jokes or learn some homework,” said another.

Joao Castillo also received positive comments: “He is a guy who looks healthy, good vibes, lets talk, and that is important for a talk or interview, conveys that he is shy, but each one has personality. And Sara Manrique is the perfect complement, it’s a good team, you have to support them”.

Finally, there were also comments regarding the interview with Cindy Marino, who was sharp and even annoyed with Joao Castillo, since on more than one occasion he blurted out that he should leave.