What is the quick settings panel on my phone and what functions does it have?

One of the most important features of our phoneswhether Android or iPhone, is the control panel quick settings which is usually located at the top of the cell phone screen. Although easily accessible, many users they are unaware of its importance and all the tools it offers us. Through these, we can connect to the Wifimobile data, the nfc and more. Do you want to know what functions it has? Here we detail it.

To access the quick settings of our phone it is not necessary to install any third-party application, since they are part of the operating system that integrates the mobile Android or the iphone from Apple. We just have to slide the screen down or to the right. In this upper bar, we will find several functionalities, but the main ones are the following:

  • Wifi: It is the option of the quick settings panel that allows us to connect to the Wi-Fi network of our home or work.
  • Bluetooth: This has become a much-needed technology that is present in all modern smartphones. Through this alternative, we can link to other teams.
  • NFC: Short for Near Field Communication, this is a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology created for the exchange of data between two nearby devices.
  • Airplane mode: is a type of setting that, once activated on the mobile phone, disables all wireless connections on the device.
  • Share screen: It is the option of the quick settings panel that is used to share what we are seeing on the cell phone on a larger screen, such as a smart TV.
  • Do not disturb: It is designed to turn off all mobile sounds, calls and notifications when you don’t want to be disturbed. The difference is that, unlike airplane mode, in this one you will be able to set some exceptions.
  • Rotation: It is a functionality that, when activated, allows us to rotate the cell phone screen automatically.
  • Location: this option is related to the GPS of our equipment. Having it activated is very important for Google Maps and other apps that require geolocation.
  • Data: It is represented by two arrows, they are opposed and it is always necessary that it be activated to connect to the mobile data of our cell phone.

How to change quick settings on the phone?

Since the quick settings you will find options like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, airplane mode, data saver, location and more. However, the top panel only shows up to six icons. If you want to change them, you can do it easily and quickly.

In most cases, to modify one of these, simply click on the corresponding icon. However, we can also do it through the ‘Edit’ symbol, in which it is possible to select the functions that we want to appear in the main upper bar.