What is the real name of Pashi Pashi, the comedic actress from “JB on ATV”?

Since its appearance on the screens, Pashi Pashi has not gone unnoticed by viewers. Some of them already knew her from her work in soccer tournaments in various districts that made her the ‘Queen of the pichangas’, since it is the image of brands and in some cases encourages. The Venezuelan model She has gained great popularity due to her beauty, charisma and likeability, aspects that she shows every Saturday on the humorous program “JB en ATV”.

Likewise, she has been making a name for herself in the modeling world, where she is known as the ‘headline’ and is quite in demand as a hostess for various events and brands.

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Which is his real name?

With 143,000 followers on TikTok and 52,300 in his account instagram, is one of the most popular women of the moment in our country. However, few know that Pashi-Pashi responds to name mayulis del valle and is a native of the town of Barinas. Upon arrival in our country, it was not easy, since he had to sell chocolates, Martians, tizana, empanadas, among other products, to get ahead.

The artist has had a frank rise in her career. After positioning herself in sports championships and events, she made a leap to television, in which she was invited to various programs such as “On everyone’s lips“, “The blowout” and “JB on ATVs“. The popularity obtained in the program of Jorge Benavides It has opened opportunities for it, such as the use of its digital platforms to work with various brands for advertising purposes.

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What did Pashi Pashi study?

In addition, mayulis del valle He has three professional careers. She has a degree in Physical Education, an average technician in Civil Construction and Business Administration.

How tall are you?

As revealed in an interview with Trome, Pashi-Pashi He is 1.75 m tall.