What is the relationship that Ale Venturo maintains with Melissa Paredes after the end of her romance with Rodrigo Cuba?

Nobody expected it! More than a week from the relationship breakup that the businesswoman Ale Venturo had for more than a year with the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba, it did not take long for the comments to arrive speculating the real reason that separated them and it was much more controversial to see the reactions that the actress Melissa Paredes showed on social networks.

Let us remember that the former host of “America Today” Now she is in a relationship with the dancer Anthony Aranda, with whom she was supported at the end of 2021 and that was how her marriage ended, receiving thousands of criticisms. Now history is in her favor? We tell you the details, here.

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How is the relationship between Ale Venturo and Melissa Paredes?

One day after confirming the end of the relationship, many users were surprised by the mysterious visit that Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda They performed the businesswoman at her home, to later see her meet with her lawyer Wilmer Arica, demonstrating closeness.

Later, the actress said that the owner of La Nevera Fit He gave him all his support in the separation process and they would continue to visit each other for their daughters: “The girls are not to blame for anything at all. That is something we always do and will continue to be done,” he said in “Love and Fire”.

The Natalie Vertiz’s friend She clarified that she did not like that her partner wanted to turn her against the ex-conductor, who was at all times publishing content that was closely related to the relationship she had in the past.

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Does Melissa Paredes no longer support Ale Venturo?

The scandal that was generated with the statements of the actress dand ‘Sorcerous Eyes’in which she mentioned that Rodrigo Cuba left Ale Venturo without a bed, put the cameras on her, accusing her of taking advantage of the issue, so now she prefers to be on the sidelines.

“I didn’t even look for Ale Venturo. You want to help other people based on your experience. If I wanted to clean up my image as they say, I wouldn’t even get involved in this because obviously this drags a lot of things from the past. (.. .) One decides what to carry and what not and I am (‘backpack’) at least not, I am not going to bring it back,” he said.

It should be noted that both Melissa Paredesas ale venturo They will continue to maintain a small closeness because they are both mothers of Rodrigo Cuba’s daughters and have created a family bond that cannot be broken.

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Did Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo resume their relationship?

Followers of the journalist Samuel Suárez, known in networks as Instarándula, did not ignore the song that the Sport Boys player posted in an Instagram story, reflecting a possible friendship with ale venturo.

But that would not be all, because according to the former reporter, a user “gossiped” that the parental couple had attended a bank and they were heard treating each other as “Love”. Will they come back?