What is the smallest airport in the world like, where is it and why does it attract thousands of tourists?

He airport Juancho E. Yrausquin It has been described as one of the most chilling because it has the shortest and most dangerous track in the world. Due to its dimensions, the Juancho E. Yrausquin poses a great challenge for the pilots, since they must operate surgically to avoid making mistakes.

Where is the smallest airport in the world?

This airstrip is in the sea Caribbeanspecifically in she knewa small island of 13 kilometers, with just over a thousand inhabitants and about 250 kilometers from Puerto Rico; However, this territory is a municipality of the Netherlands.

The airport was named after the Aruban minister Juancho Irausquin and the idea to build it is attributed to Remy de Haenen, who was also the first person to land on it, on February 9, 1959.

It has been rebuilt in 2002 and has a fire department and a control tower that serves as advice, but not air traffic control, as currently no regional propeller planes or helicopters are allowed to land, only small jets.

What is the smallest airport in the world like?

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport It has a track of only 400 meters of asphalt, when, for example, for a Boeing 747 to land and take off safely, the runway must be at least 2.5 kilometers long.

In addition to being small, the area is surrounded by cliffs and high hills that overlook the sea, which makes the maneuvers that the pilots of the BN-2, Twin Otter and the Caravan must carry out even more difficult, since they are the only ships capable of to carry out the manoeuvres.

Why does it attract thousands of tourists?

Visiting the small island known as “The Unspoiled Queen” from Saint Martin, another Caribbean island, by plane has become popular for its dozen well-marked trails and scuba diving activities.

The Winair company connects Saba with a Twin Otter aircraft four times a day from Princess Juliana airport. It’s about 20 minutes of flight.