What is the terrible disease that Dina Páucar suffered, which forced her to move away from music?

The folk singer Dina Páucar is one of the artists with the greatest national recognition and proof of this is that she managed to become the first vernacular artist to sell 120,000 records in two weeks.

However, a few months ago he gave unfortunate news to all his fans, as he had to move away from music and the stage due to health problems. What happened? In this note from El Popular we tell you about it.

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What disease did Dina Páucar suffer from?

A few years ago, Dina Paucar She was diagnosed with breast cancer, so for a while she had to retire from music and the stage. “My friend, for two months I have been suffering from this disease that afflicts many women in our breasts or it can be in some (other) place in our body,” the artist said in 2017.

After her arduous fight, the singer managed to defeat the terrible disease, but some time ago she said that some cysts appeared: “Although I have fought the cancer, some cysts have appeared that I must attend to, that is why prevention is very important and it is something that should be promoted to prevent more deaths.”

It should be noted that at the beginning of 2022 paucar He also suffered from COVID-19, so after recovering, he announced a free concert in June of that same year.

Dina Páucar. Photo: José Abanto – GLR

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What career could Dina Páucar not pursue?

Dina Paucar After finishing her secondary studies, she decided to study a technical career completely removed from the artistic world and it is Cosmetology, but she was never able to practice it.

“I had studied a small technical career: Cosmetology. Now I apply it, I do my hair myself, I put on makeup,” revealed the artist in an exclusive interview with La República.

The reason why she was never able to work as a cosmetologist was because the money that was destined to obtain her certificate of studies was stolen. “I couldn’t have my certificate of what I had studied for three years. I dedicated myself, suddenly, to a musical career. I said: ‘If this (Cosmetology) is not, here (Music) it has to be,’ “he said paucar.

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How old is Dina Paucar?

Dina Paucar He was born on June 14, 1969 in Tingo María, so he is currently 53 years old. The artist in an interview with a local media confessed that when she was just a little girl she left her house, so her parents searched for her by sky, sea and land.

Some time later, thanks to a relative, his parents found out that he was working for a few days. Her parents wanted to take her to her home, but she wanted to stay in the capital to work, so she was left with the condition of working in a house.

Dina Páucar. Photo: Diffusion