What is virtual RAM that some phones have and what is it for?

The RAM It is one of the most important components of smartphones since it is responsible for storing data (temporarily) from the applications we are using. That is, the larger this memory, the more operations we can simultaneously perform.

Unlike computers, which you can change the RAM For a better performing one, on phones it is impossible to do that. For this reason, some developers are implementing a fairly practical solution that they have dubbed ‘virtual RAM’.

According to Luis Cruzado, Motorola‘s product manager in Peru, the Virtual RAM It is a feature present in some cell phones that ‘borrows’ a little space from the phone’s internal storage to use it as RAM. Although it will only do so when necessary.

“RAM is something that people are increasingly looking to improve the performance of their smartphones,” the spokesperson noted.

“The possibility of expanding it using the internal storage of the phone is a function implemented from the operating system by our development team, which can be optionally activated or deactivated at any time,” he added.

Currently, there are several computers that come with this feature. Here is a list of the most popular ones.